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  1. I value my penor good sir..I dare not leave that on her or in her for that matter lol

  2. Finally someone will tell me the meaning of X marks the spot..But who shall I practice on when this tutorial is done hmmm

  3. OH..NOW YOU TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!.. Some *bleeping* pal your are hmpf

  4. I was very very very drunk...He was looking oh so good, and Well nvm..I struck out as usual LOL

  5. Yes you do have an elegant way of phrasing things hqhq, yeah Shuany boy told me he still wuvs you after I made a pass at him, gotta give him props bitch is faithful lol

  6. LOL epic about me to come into..Gotta read about her herpes and forgot what I was gonna say by time I get to comment box .. I am doing fine man still driving mods nuts here too lol

  7. Aww shucks more deleted posts lol

  8. Sweet man, I am still having issues getting them to send me an activation email..This is 4th time requesting one today.
  9. Thanks man, just joined since I don't get anything from Sinclair Broadcasting where I am lol
  10. Happy Birthday my long time no see friend..Hope everything is going well for you..

  11. Your not seeing things, I seen it too..It was mixed in with Last tv show & movies watched threads.. It just vanished faster the food in front of Rosie O'Donnell lol

  12. Guess airing out potential STD's and one of those people that may have STD's is on staff, they wanted to keep it confidential XD

  13. Damn mods closed the topic XD

  14. Yeah I know since my page has been "messing up" on it's own a lot just left it as is got tired of fixing it lol

  15. I am a senior citizen and should be entitled to some benefits too..Oh wait wrong benefits line..Carry on

  16. No fair, you got that sexy banner under name.. Hmpf!

  17. Happy B-day man, Haven't see ya in ages..Hope all is good in ur neck of tha woods

  18. Happy Birthday my good man, Hope it's a good one.

  19. Happy B-day my good man, Hope it's a good one

  20. Happy B-day my fellow senior citizen..Hope it's a good one

  21. Happy B-day man, Hope it's a good one

  22. By deceptive methods you cheating s.o.b..Throwing me into that vat of toxic waste and coming out with the never ending shit eating grin was just cold man >_<

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