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  1. Lawfool85

    NXT LVL PRO 2k20

  2. Lawfool85

    NXT LVL PRO 2k20

    NXT LVL PRO Wrestling is not currently taking place in 2k20. I gave the game a try but It's not going to work for me unless they put much more work into it. So until then i'll still be back in 2k19 & you can still check me out every Thursday night 8pm.est on twitch.tv/lawfool85. - I just had my Feb PPV ILL WILL. You can check it out here. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/559434176 - For those of you who have not checked me out in a while NLP bought out EWE & merged the brands. I currently have 4 belts. NLP Global Championship, NLP Internet, NLP Tag Team & the NLP XXX Championship. The XXX Championship is cool. You win in a XXX Match(30min, Hardcore Triple Threat Ironman) The belt holder must then defend the XXX Title 3 times & then may cash in on a Global Championship match. Once cashed in the belt is vacated & put up for grabs in another XXX Match.
  3. Lawfool85

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    Just wanted to drop by & say that NLP is still alive & thriving. Every Thursday night 8pm.
  4. Lawfool85

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    As of today NXT LVL PRO has purchased Extreme Wrestling Empire. All championships will continue on under the NLP Brand. The EWE Championship is now the NLP National Championship. On the 1st show of 2k20 The EWE Tag Team Champions "The Madmen" will face the NLP Tag Team Champions "The Country Boys" in a Championship Unification Match. I was kicking around the idea of renaming EWE because i've had it for so long & everyone freaking uses it. While I was shooting around ideas I've noticed that NLP was just hands down more popular. So I decided to just make a smart move & add some drama to the show by having the newer competitor buy out it's competition. I also plan to have a bunch of new, not borrowed ppv names this year. Not 100% sure but this also may be my last post on the forums. It's just not as useful or as friendly as it once was. Don't get all pissy about it, that's what I've seen & well honestly whatever. LOL. If you would like to stay up to date on anything I'm doing please feel free to look me up on twitter. My shows probably won't start up weekly until end of oct early nov. It takes a bit to build that 70+ roster. Uploads should be more frequent this year as well. The plan is to upload a wrestler asa they're done this year. Thanks again for stopping by & all the kind words. I really never expected everyone to dig this stuff as much as they have.
  5. I can provide actual transparent png files if you guys want. lol. Just gotta ask.
  6. This is the killer stuff I'm wanting to see!
  7. Details & new logo updated.
  8. Sorry to hijack Broke. It's happening people. More details can be found in the Logged In forum & my twitter. Hit us up. I'd like to start setting up the card in early sept.
  9. I see lots of ya saying you would like to work with the community or do some type of collaboration. It's time to step up & join EWE, NLP & BPW in the crossover super show. Let's put 2k19 to rest with a showcase of kickass creations.
  10. I was going to wait until after Bash at the Beach but whatever. Logged In is back on folks! Enough time has passed & I'm positive we have some awesome shit to show off. I don't have an exact date but September is the month. I'm actually working it into my EWE/NLP Universe for a real ppv. So the plan is to break the show up into blocks. Time will depend on the amount of people who "Log In". We as a group will work to create the cards for each block setting up these amazing crossover matches. Each person involved will stream share each others event. If everyone is interested we can group up in a chat & give some play by play or some info on each others creations. It's a lot easier for me to convey these ideas in a dialogue. I feel like I ramble on here sometimes. I'm not always active on here so twitter is the very best way to reach me.
  11. Lawfool85

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    So in the process of setting up my charity event(which raised $0 this time. ) I screwed up my universe sched & skipped a week. To get things back on track I'm only going to be streaming NXT LVL PRO this week, Then next week will be EWE & Bash at The Beach EWE vs NLP. Next weeks EWE will feature Professor Flex, Ricky Velvet & "BIG" Chen Osaka in a triple threat match. Winner will get a shot at the EWE Triple X Championship. I've been tinkering around with a bunch of stuff as of late if you follow me on twitter & IG you've probably seen a few of these. I'll announce more once we get some info on 2k20, but I can tell you now I've got some changes coming next year. Speaking of changes I brought back T Hawk at Psycho De Mayo. I wanted to make him a combination of two older characters Blue Lightning & Tomahawk. Neither character were doing much or had a cool look imo. Problem was T Hawk looked almost exactly like Tomahawk. I went back to the drawing board & I'm really feeling this. I've gone back & added lots more details & logos so you can see the new BTH aka Blue Thunderhawk for yourself this weds. "BIG" Chen Osaka is a wrestler that I've been making for years. Just a very large guy that does fast kicks & other martial arts based moves. I never really had a cool gimmick or nickname for him besides "BIG" Chen. Then last night it hit me. The King Kong of Strong Style. I then editing up a logo for his t-shirt & it sealed the deal. He looks freaking awesome now. Not 100% on the boots, but freaking images for kickpads just kinda decide to work whenever they want sometimes.
  12. If you don't have the image cropped tight against the kickpad you'll get warping when you try & fit to the boot. Also I've noticed that certain boots work w/ the r3 click when others you're better off just blowing up yourslelf. Not to jump in/hijack. Just figured I'd add my experiences. Nice work btw.
  13. Lawfool85

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    https://twitter.com/Lawfool85/status/1147163949185622026 The link has all the details & backstory for tonights charity show. Any & all help would be crazy appreciated guys. Donations, Retweets, Stopping by, I mean anything will be appreciated. Show starts at 9pm I'll probably do 1-2 preshow matches.
  14. Lawfool85

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    Sup folks, just wanted to drop an update. I'm back from vacation, I've created a new arena for both of my upcoming ppvs. One for my charity benefit next week & one for Bash at the Beach EWE versus NLP. Streams will start back up this weds.
  15. Lawfool85

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    No streams for the next 2 weeks. I'll be away on a road trip. Good chance I'll keep up my normal drops of wisdom on twitter & IG so give me a follow @Lawfool85 Friday July 5th, EWE/NLP Will be doing it's 2nd annual benefit show. 100% of all money raised will be donated to For Pete's Sake. If you'd like some more info about them & the good they do please feel free to take a look. https://takeabreakfromcancer.org/ They really helped my family out when my wife was going through her battle. Last year we raised $300 & it would be killer to raise some more & reach a larger audience. Please feel free to spread the word. Thanks. Friday July 26th. 9pm.est is Bash at the Beach. EWE vs NLP. This is my Survivor Series type PPV. It will feature Champion vs Champion matches & a big 4 vs 4 Elimination in the Main Event.
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