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  1. The good ol' Dan Fookes. I miss you and your CAWs.. Please come back making them :)

  2. Do you really have nothing better to do than pretend to be someone else? Good grief!

  3. the true geniune caw making legend one of the greats for sure good to see you back

  4. Lol when I started this site at SVR (2005) well, browsing the site, you were my favorite CAW maker.

  5. Dude, you are a true CAW god and a SvR HERO!!

    :P Anyways, kudos man, every CAW of yours I have ever seen has always made my jaw drop :)

  6. keep up the good wrk i love ur caws

  7. ive been converting a lot of your CAWs from last year...most turned out great...so are u gonna make some this year??

  8. we want caws

    your good guy

  9. your 2007 caws were great!! cant wait till ur 2008 caws come out (if u make them)

  10. Not making CAWs for 08?

  11. hey man I'm I'm having trouble converting Zurick/tais 06 Liger from "A Ghost of a Good Thing" The Layer Movement hack just doesn't want to work for me as the designs cut off and show up on shoulders :/

  12. Please tell me your releasing that Cabana

  13. hey watsup im making a matt cross moveset which you could probably use in your save. anyway stop by in the moveset section if u want

  14. Are u mk any more saves pm awnser plz i luv your saves

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