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  1. Did you watch a walk through? I watched a friend play a chunk of it (a few hours or so), then I watched a video containing every cutscene. I didn't bother watching a walkthrough, as I was mainly just interested in seeing the story line play out. Hey, we are in the same boat here bro. This is the first time I've regretted not having a PS3 too. I watched a friend play it for maybe an hour tops, toward the beginning. I have not watched any cutscene vids though and I'm holding out hope that I'll be able to dodge major spoilers for the next few years before I buy a cheap, second hand PS3 to try it. Anyway, if you're looking for a zombie fix, AND if you love open world sandbox games as much as I do... check out State of Decay. I've heard a lot of people saying they enjoy it more than The Last of Us. I technically haven't played TLOU so I can't say. Zombie themed environments are the ONLY thing they have in common anyways, they play radically different. But State of Decay is awesome. Buggy and glitchy as hell, but follows through on a great concept none the less. I'm more of a sandbox gamer than a linear, story driven gamer though, so that is probably why it appeals to me so much. But SoD features multiple main characters that you switch between and permadeath that cannot be turned off. It makes the game world feel more akin to an actual zombie apocalypse than any game... ever! But it's not the polished, AAA project that the Last of Us is. I do have a question for those who have beaten TLOU... and please, no spoilers. How many hours did it take to beat and would you play through it again? That's my only concern... because often times games that are heavily story driven end up killing the replayability for me at least. I don't doubt that it's a masterpiece. And I don't blame developers for making games that are sort of like interactive media more than just a game, in fact it's cool to see that sort of thing, but I would hate, hate, hate if the industry ever went so far in that direction that we didn't really have any real games anymore. By real games I just mean games that focus on gameplay and fun factor and replay value and just stuff you want to play again and again. I mean Smash Brothers Brawl doesn't have a point to it, nor does it need it in the slightest. I wouldn't compare The Last Of Us to State Of Decay, it's really not the same... The game took me 12 hours to beat, but I rushed quite a bit and didn't really explore. If you take the time to explore it can take you at least 15-20 hours to beat. The game have plenty of replay value if you want to get all the trophies; you will have to beat the game 3 times and get all the collectibles. The multiplayer is really fun and addictive so plenty of replayability there. There will also be story dlcs that'll be release later. And I don't get people that watch all the cutscenes on YouTube especially for a game like this, completely ruin the experience in my opinion.
  2. Anyone started Survivor yet? How hard is it?
  3. The developers said that the story of Joel and Ellie are 100% over, thankfully so cause that was the perfect way to end it.
  4. Give it another go. I felt the same at the beginning then the game really picks up.
  5. Everything scare people nowadays. You guys would be shitting your pants if you were playing the horror games during the PS2 era.
  6. Did some of you guys get the ending spoiled? Stupid idiots were spoiling the ending on a live stream that I was watching (totally unrelated to TLOU) and I got spoiled. D:
  7. So many GOTY contenders: - Bioshock Infinite - The Last Of US - GTA V - Beyond: Two Souls It's a shame this game doesn't get a lot of attention here .
  8. Hello guys, I'm kinda new at posting here been lurking here since forever and only posted a few post and now trying to post abit more!So yeah be nice to me, lol.
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