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  1. Candice looks good, so does Sara. Keep up the good work.
  2. Just a thought, Angelo Dawkins would be a cool addition to the NXT roster. Even if he is a bit of a jobber.
  3. These are great CAWs. How are you getting pics for the faces? Each one looks unique and that tattoo work is just amazing.
  4. I think he said no Nia Jax, if I remember correctly. I'd love to see a Chris Hero too. Yeah, with an alternate KASSIUS OHNO attire... ugh that'd be so sick.
  5. Looks good. Maybe next year they can add that to the face deformation part of Creations. Just a few dots to move that hairline up or down. Having a similar issue with my Alex Riley CAW, but I think I've got the hair.
  6. Sorry, was replying on my phone and didn't catch that post. King ricochet looks great.
  7. Some reference pics of Dash's tattoos. I've watched him since he wrestled here in Georgia, ate Waffle House with him too!
  8. How about his white trunks like you did last year? That's my favorite attire.
  9. When you're finished with current NXT, have you considered doing former FCW wrestlers such as Richie Steamboat, CJ Parker, etc? Just curious.
  10. I know. I think that was my favorite CAW, and that attire is just WOW. Ricochet looks good man, keep up the great work!
  11. Gargano looks great, and Ricochet too. Keep up the good work and I don't blame ya for scrapping Charlotte.
  12. Will you be doing any real wrestling CAWs this year? Loved your stuff in years past.
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