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  1. YG released his album early, might be the first rap project all year to exceed my expectations.
  2. I'd much rather listen to Chance's tape over TPAB tbh
  3. Coloring Book is easily the best hip hop project this year, and might be the best overall this year. Way better than Acid Rap imo, and I loved Acid Rap.
  4. Album is pretty good, anybody expecting Drake to drop a huge game changing album is obviously going to be disappointed, but I like how the album turned out
  5. Kanye bodied Drake on Pop Style Not too excited for VFT6 now
  6. Good movie, don't understand the negative reviews AT ALL. Only character I wasn't quite a fan of was Lex Luthor. Affleck's Batman might be the best ever. Feel like the R-rated version will make it even better. In my opinion Batman was the only good part of the movie... Also I like how people praise Wonder Woman in this movie but the only thing she does is show up randomly like Stathan in Furious 7 and then take part in the final battle... (no backstory,no motive behind her involvement whatsoever)... Get the *Censored* outta here with that shit They're saving her backstory for her movie
  7. Young Thugs best project easily, finally can take him somewhat serious now
  8. wow listening to Collegrove now this is pretty dope too.
  9. This Kendrick album is hard as *Censored*. Untitled 02 and 07 probably the best.
  10. Collegrove and a new Kendrick album tonight
  11. Listening on Tidal This is not his best album, and not even close to being his worst, probably somewhere in the middle. I like that it has elements of all his other albums. Top 5 songs right now in no order would be: Ultralight Beams FML 30 Hours Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1/Pt. 2 Fade
  12. Might be Freestyle 4, Kanye said that Madlib sent him some more beats.
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