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  1. The events in this game are just too much now. No drive to get pros for either of the Hardys
  2. YG released his album early, might be the first rap project all year to exceed my expectations.
  3. Ambrose and Rollins are pros for me
  4. Breeze will be my 8th WM card and Ziggler my 6th survivor pro Still no Sv pro divas tho
  5. Gonna pro Seth next PCC then I'm done with this game until August
  6. Yes, you can get the WM card if you're in survivor, you just have to grind and get at least somewhat lucky with shards. The difficulty of the opponents in RD never increases.
  7. Got a Sv pro DVon, WM Trips and WM Henry all today
  8. Totally need some of these fusions
  9. Got it! Just pro'd it too, absolute beast of a card
  10. Yeah, I spent $10 to get the 150 titles to last the whole event, but once I got on to the WM card I'm doing +1/+2's anyways lol I'm Survivor++ tier btw
  11. I'm doing everything I can to pro AJ lol Just finished Rusev
  12. 102 into Rusev, I'm getting that other AJ
  13. I'd much rather listen to Chance's tape over TPAB tbh
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