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  1. I think there will be more releases like the Fiend, now that Ruby is gone, Liv is next, Asuka possibly, I mean the only one who is truly safe is Reigns. But yeah, the wwe went full ret with all of these releases, as AWE and Impact and NWA and the others will pick them up.
  2. wtf, most of the talent was wasted. Joe, come on ! And Ryker was the one who needed the boot lol.
  3. Asuka, Io, Ripley, Bazler & Ruby
  4. I too thought of this, and the 4 of them winning their respective brands tag titles or the like.
  5. I also think Agatha is Harkness, and so does a coworker of mine.
  6. my thoughts go with everyone who needs them. Love and light your way.
  7. does anyone have the textures for RDR 2 computer version ? well Art, James, and the pig farm siblings ?
  8. I dont have any sympathy for hom to put others in danger like that as it hits home for me for similar reasons that Creep and others listed. It killed my uncle's marriage. All jeff had to do was sleep it off in his car or call a cab or uber or someone else could have drove him home. Also as people have stated he could have changed his wrestling style. Mia did it, Bryan did it, Jericho did it, ect..
  9. here's another article on RDR 2 for PC: https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3587460/red-dead-redemption-2-saddles-pc-release-november-5/
  10. my dad does too from time to time.
  11. I suppose it does lol on reading it myself.
  12. I do find it ironic too, as freakzilla also pointed out in that infamous shoot interview, Ric "borrowed" everything from Buddy Rogers, so he really doesnt have room to talk and should just let it go. I mean hell on TMC/ESPN I have seen videos of them saying a team or actor was the man and these black and white films were older than flair has been around, back when Bogie, Flynn and such were around so the 40's or so and when they did specials on Knute, ect and how he was the man or one of them, but yeah.
  13. I think it's because Ric is broke. Also people were saying it long before Ric and it's a natural thing to say in sports, like how ali, tyson, frasier, ect was the man in boxing, nameth, long or whoever you want to pick in football, pele in soccer, ect.. also as far as riddle goes, I would not car pool, I would drive myself, so that way you do not have to depend on anyone, as carpooling does not work out from time to time
  14. Masked, Exhaustion? He gave it all he got and his heart gave out ?
  15. Kalisto to me seemed like one of the people WWE dropped the ball on. As he is good in the ring, but the company doesnt do much with him other than that stupud LHP gimmick.
  16. I am going to steal that for 2k20 Gen.
  17. Say what you want to, but how many times have we seen the WWE do stuff that we would rather them not, as they convinced Daniel and Cena to air stuff on the total bellas that im pretty sure they would have liked to have kept private. They shoved roman batteling lukemia down our throats instead of giving him some space and privacy for current examples. I am just saying what all of you already know. While I am happy for them, I am also stating that Becky does not like how the wwe is doing their relationship as she did not want it on screen and visible. The only reason I think she can get away with her expressing her dissapointment is she is the hottest female in the WWE atm.
  18. I dont think it will last, as I think Vince and his antics and shoving it down our throats and his antics will create friction between them.
  19. I can relate to Rousey, as that happened to me on that opposite hand only it was my index finger. Blood was shooting out, literally.
  20. it depends, Black, Taker and others could get them for free, because they are celebrities and the tattooist gets free advertising with a picture of their work or whatnot. However my 3 in 1 arm piece thats about the size of a cd case cost like $ 250 and all it is is grey and black. It took like 2 hours though. Sat through it. My late aunts old school anchor tattoo on her leg took like 8 hours but thats because she stopped every 5/10 minutes for a smoke break.
  21. I was about to say, as he just married cross..
  22. crap, they are, I thought it was also for PC too..
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