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  1. You forgot Artnerd from back in ths day as well.
  2. I also still enjoy myself here and also remember when this forum was THE place online.
  3. It looks like it from those 2 screenshots. Also the attires look good too..
  4. well when it comes to 22, I am just farting around on it now, waiting for 23 due to having done all I wanted to do in 22.
  5. I am one of those original e-fed types. I dont touch the main roster at all save for when I need to.
  6. Yes. More or less. Or run sim matches, ect. Its simple little things that I like.
  7. well we have 40 something days till early release. I wonder when CAW mode will be featured.
  8. And cross, it was taken from their youtube page. So I would assume it was Element.
  9. They honestly seem to be incompetant or lazy half the time when it comes to some of their decisions and thought processes imho.
  10. You would think some of this stuff would be nobrainers or if it isnt broke dont fix it, but we see how well that goes as at times the company tends to be "slow learners" in that aspect or have the wrong people incharge.
  11. there is a small part of me that wishes they did not pick cena, simply because his actual biggest and more memorable matches you cant include for obvious reasons.
  12. I am excited to see which attires they picked from for the roster this year, as they usually have a certian one in mind from what we have all seen in past years.
  13. OH ! one thing i miss is The Mandible Claw should have X wrestler pull out Mr. Socko like in past games, you didnt just have to have foley, just assign that version of the claw to said caw or wrestler. Or I forget which ankle lock it was but if you put it into your sig or finisher, and someone kicked you, you could reverse it into that grapevine ankle lock if im not mistaken.
  14. I DO miss CAM simply because I could make ingame finishers like the way the wrestlers actually do them or make other finishers like The Gasano Bomb, Pole Shifter or say make a 5 star elbow drop or the like. They were nothing really spammy save for roddie's backbreaker combo move he did or the brock triple powerbomb. Other CAF moves I made are now already in most wrestling games now, as I had one that resembled the tour of the islands and another one that also looked like the doomsday satio as well. It was called The Jobber Killer. I also made some intentional botch moves as well.
  15. She could name that the "Ding-Dong" Clothesline.
  16. so when will everyone preorder the game out of curiosity ?
  17. Yeah half the stuff they removed, they really shouldnt have imho. And in 22, me uploading multiple of the same images is due to it locking up.
  18. I wonder if The Brood or Edge's Brood Styled intro will be in 23..
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