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  1. ahh. Well here is the URL to the 2k Post embargo Video hub for tomorrow: https://forums.2k.com/showthread.php?4372778-WWE-2K20-Post-Embargo-Video-Info-Hub as it might come in handy as alot of threads will be popping up tomorrow no doubt.
  2. Thats the one, and I dunno it might sound bogus but it also might be true. We will know Monday though.
  3. Been trying to find that screenshot on twitter but no luck yet as there's alllllot of tweets to sort through to find it as it was a random tweet that popped up in my feed.
  4. I dunno. Im just going by what one of the people who were there said on twitter, tht what we were shown isnt the full roster. They said all would be answered monday though.
  5. No he isnt. And from the information everyone has posted that went there, well the hints, the reason why the roster is messed up relates to the DLC apparently.
  6. Well they were hidden textures, so they are half right.
  7. ummmm no, dean was not even thought about for the game, neither was jericho or the others who left. Anyone who thinks otherwise wants to be sold beach front property in arizona, or a bridge in brooklyn.
  8. though that lariat also made me wince.
  9. he killed kushida with that dropkick though.
  10. whats up with Walter's chest ? and that chop made me wince..
  11. it was nice knowing you kushida. The Big Daddy !
  12. I have not really been impressed with AWE yet to be honest, even though I do watch the replays after NXT. It's just I was never a Omega or Young Bucks fan and thought both were over rated.
  13. I dont know if anyone cought this but they even have the skillet raw theme in use, which makes me think we might be getting a really up to date game..
  14. well we will find out when the complete roster drops why the DLC is the way it is.
  15. Rekka_No_Ryo

    WWE Drama

    I dont have any sympathy for hom to put others in danger like that as it hits home for me for similar reasons that Creep and others listed. It killed my uncle's marriage. All jeff had to do was sleep it off in his car or call a cab or uber or someone else could have drove him home. Also as people have stated he could have changed his wrestling style. Mia did it, Bryan did it, Jericho did it, ect..
  16. No Man's Land, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and The Empire of Tomorrow are the names that Sunshine is referring to.
  17. here's another article on RDR 2 for PC: https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3587460/red-dead-redemption-2-saddles-pc-release-november-5/
  18. theres moves in those originals DLC packs, we dont know what kind or type but they are in there along with CAW parts, ect..
  19. I am agreeing with AB on this, though to be honest, Schivonte should have been in the WWE to add more credibility to it instead of the shitty commentators they have. Also I have never been impressed with All Elite outside of NJPW and thats who they faced there. Outside of that, they are all lacking something.
  20. Rekka_No_Ryo

    KS Showcase 2019

    nice work ! If you need a site with logos for titles, I know of a site.
  21. What WNX said is correct, thats what I got from Gen's comments.
  22. one hit the other so bad you needed a commercial for them to catch a breather ?
  23. Matt needs to wear shoes. Otomix or something like that.
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