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  1. that would piss people off, as all you would be doing is mashing 3 or 4 different buttons for a dropkick
  2. that is my ONLY gripe about the accelerator is that it should unlock EVERYTHING, as thats why your paying $ for it to do. not unlock some of the stuff with others being hidden behind a mode that you might not have any interest in playing.
  3. I agree. EA is a raging dumpster fire. While I might not like some of 2k's antics, they are a country mile better than EA.
  4. Saturn also brings up a valid point as well. The majority of the people have spoken in the community and 2k found what works for the majority of that audience, not the minority.
  5. not everyone can afford next gen consoles though or feel that they are worth it.
  6. Yeah 23 will not bomb bad enough for them to make drastic changes. 22 exceeded expectations. But I will agree that locking things behind a pay wall like my rise/faction sucks ass 100 % and should be in CAS or whatnot without it anyway as that would boost sales more than hiding stuff behind a mode that I dont play and never will. As for the AI sliders, its been along time coming and should have been in the game along time ago.
  7. Stand back, there's a mollycane comin' through !
  8. I really like that they are including superstars hair in the game, be they male or female for CAW mode, as that one is by far the easiest to do with 0 issues. That and the "generic" version of their attires.
  9. BAH GAWD KING DEXTER LUMIS IS DEAD ! Damn The Miz's Black Soul !
  10. Ok, after seeing the CAW and moves videos, I can work with this..
  11. I mean they could have used 22's models for some of these people. I mean hell if they are using the same attires for certian models for years, why not go the lazy route and use last years models for some of the people that should have been in the game. It would be a half assed attempt none the less.
  12. Also good points Anti. And who did Gallus piss off to not be included in ANY WWE game..
  13. Also they were lieing when they said fans would be happy with the DLC, but right about the head scratching.
  14. Yim, Strong, Reed ect should have been dlc.
  15. I am having mixed emotions on the DLC, as its often a hit or miss and some of those DLC stars should have been in the game to begin with.
  16. Well in 22 certain combinations cause glitches in terms of clothing/hair style combos. So as they stated they removed the body morphing due to similar issues.
  17. 14 models of Juan Chena *said santino style*
  18. the height being tied to weight also sucks ass as well.
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