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  1. re re fixed killers beard. Stupid bug that made his facial hair white and not blonde.
  2. Gorial, Killer K, Edward and Ivan are up, just type in RNR or BPW to find them. Gorial's attire isnt as "colorful" as 19 was due to the logo limit as I have tried if at all possible to keep my CAWS logos under 10 to keep them from crashing, as thankfully most of them have that.
  3. some of the textures look nice, well the new ones, though Sasha still doesnt have her arm tattoo, and rousey doesnt have hers either among others but I do like them though and holy crap Bray is tattooed..
  4. which is why I would still wait to make stuff on 20 because of the logo limit among other things and just stick to 19 for now even though we have 20. As the ONLY reason why I got 20 was because of the $ 25 price for the single edt.
  5. So as you know, while streaming I purchased 20, waiting for it to fully download before I start it up
  6. The Deliverance DLC has the "Squeel Like A Pig" Taunt and gesture which should cause your opponent to look disturbed and exit the ring heading to the backstage and thus giving you a count out victory.
  7. digital version ? as I like having a physical copy of a game. Though 30 is hard to pass up for the single and 44 for the deluxe edt is real hard to pass up,
  8. the standard edt is $ 43 right now and the deluxe is still $ 84 on amazon and honestly im having a real hard time justifying either of those prices in the state that 20 is in atm. I will get 20 when it's actually worth getting and works, not buy it and hope for the best.
  9. this special has made me like Taker even more.
  10. yep. I dont have the game on 20 yet for obvious reasons.
  11. Gorial, Zo and Ivan are both up, all you gotta do is type in RNR or BPW to find them. Both of them have different outfits and Ivan has a better-left arm tattoo and will have a third one in 20 on one of his shoulders I think.
  12. glenn, wtf... I almost spit out my drink, that was "a bit" onesided..
  13. does anyone have the textures for RDR 2 computer version ? well Art, James, and the pig farm siblings ?
  14. not bad at all, cant wait to see what he looks like one 20 gets its shit together.
  15. So update them from19 while we wait? that's what im doing till black friday week when I finally decide on if I want to get the game provided most of the MAJOR issues are fixed at the reduced price..
  16. the patch will drop when it drops unfortunately. The way they worded it means they covered their bases for any "delays" within the 2 week time frame.
  17. E, thats what alllllllot of people on the 2k forums are saying, the accelerator should unlock EVERYTHING, not just the VC purchasables
  18. I hope I can get all of this stuff come black friday like zombie banks and even pilgrim rusev as them being time-sensitive sucks and is a lame idea to begin with.
  19. if they have logos on them, they will not load. Also I agree, I will take the colored background over 19's white one, as that one I think hurt everyone's eyes.
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