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  1. Yim, Strong, Reed ect should have been dlc.
  2. I am having mixed emotions on the DLC, as its often a hit or miss and some of those DLC stars should have been in the game to begin with.
  3. Well in 22 certain combinations cause glitches in terms of clothing/hair style combos. So as they stated they removed the body morphing due to similar issues.
  4. 14 models of Juan Chena *said santino style*
  5. the height being tied to weight also sucks ass as well.
  6. I thought the brock lock was that stretch muffler
  7. that was confirmed to still be in along with the logo uploader in one of those interviews.
  8. this is the norm for 2k though. NBA 2K is their flagship product, and the marketing on it is weak as well. Marketing is marketing. It can always be better. But, companies have a way they do things, might not make sense to us but it does to them. Also do none of you remember when there was like maby a magazine article or a tv spot for the game, you got it becaue you wanted it. you either want something regardless of how little info there is at the time, the cost, ect or you dont. Its that simple.
  9. the DLC moves packs are I think a thing of the past with the acceptation of the stuff that comes with new chars, dlc or otherwise..
  10. well Bray was a given in some way shape or form.
  11. true, but for some it gets old and tired with them pussyfooting around.
  12. this was just posted so here is his speculations..
  13. theres also that record, a tidal wave, the name williams, eve, blair above the rabbit, I think..
  14. the name or word Don is below the jean jacket. theres also the bunny from alice and wonderland above the diamond.
  15. Ok the diamond mine is in it. blow it up and its there, the words. There's also nathan frazier, Chase, below that the Varsity U. there is the retro divas champ logo twice on it.
  16. theres also a tree with roots in the left hand side.
  17. there is also a battle axe and also a howling wolf in the image too..
  18. thres the divas championship title in it and also the stars mask kinda makes me think of Savage.
  19. I do agree their marketing, well whoever does it needs to get steinerlined by a young rick or scott..
  20. im wondering when we will see more info drop as the embargo and such should be lifted this close to release..
  21. The Sweet FA for a finisher is either A. A No Show or B. A AA/FU C. Hogan-esq Overselling of Insert Move Here
  22. i would imagine its the same as 22's slot wise and logo limit.
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