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  1. I updated Ivans attire and changed one favorite. Also updated edwards moveset with the ddt changes, now that the logo thing is fixed, I will be making some changes to Gary and Gorial's attires. Happy day !
  2. The curb stomp could be called "Northern Leaping Death Stomp" or "Big Dipper Stomp" or something like that..
  3. the taunt would need the line "your already dead" too..
  4. I love fist of the north star and kenshiro.
  5. None of the DLC really appealed to me and they should have been in the game to begin with. The parts, moves and whatnot..
  6. its going to blow if you have to go back to 19 as since we all switched to 20, unless we have an alternate account, we can nolonger use the image uploader for 19.
  7. you might have to do Izzy with a "retro" look with less tattoos or whatnot. Its what I did with Gary and a few of mine. I went to their 17 look. Also done.
  8. w/b. Do you want me to reupload Edward with the moveset changes or do you want to do it, as I posted what I changed here.
  9. some of my characters sweat like a pimp in a church pew..
  10. we have already seen some of the leaks name wise, just reskins of wrestlers already in the game, like the bump in the night set.
  11. Yeah, my characters have some suprises moveset wise too. im quite pleased with them.
  12. Type in RNR or BPW to find then and it sucks that I cant upload more but untill they fix the you cant scroll past 16 face textures in the downloaded section, im stuck..
  13. Ivan and Zo are Reuploaded with second attires!
  14. thats what I did too. Well used the DX stuff for her.
  15. the opacity works, as I used that for all of mine that have them
  16. Legion, no, Mike has posted before, but he doesnt post often.
  17. also we may be getting CAB soon as there have been some tests by the game designers on the X Box and PC version. Possibly with the next big update that concides with the DLC
  18. hopefully it also fixes the you cant scroll past the 16 face textures as well, as having only half my roster sucks..
  19. I changed Gary's attire and tweaked his moveset.
  20. looking foward to seeing what all has changed and whatnot..
  21. In Edwards list change the second sig in the outside to the double underhook DDT 2 and the first finisher, the butterfly DDT to the double underhook ddt 1 (as I thought that was what it was named, then I also remembered the butterfly position is also called the double underhook position too..) As for Gary, the tattoos and attire are a variant of his ones from 17, so im going sorta retro look for him.
  22. Gary is also up, just type in RNR to find him. Also for Ivan's top rope moves, change them to the wet nap, diving body splash 2 middle rope back elbow drop and diving body splash 3 also the way that 20 is, Ivan and Zo's stats even though they are at 81/82 are like jobber stats. As Ivans has always been Bo Dallas's stats (so if you want to check out his ingame stats go ahead) and Enzo's is from when he was cruiserweight champ.
  23. I picked a brown beard then made that one the color that I wanted. almost all of my guys are up, though im stuck at the moment, as I cant make more than 16 wrestlers due to not being able to scroll down past 16 when you go to the face texture section. All you gotta do is type in BPW or RNR to find them. Their attires are not my best work due to the 10 logo limit but they will do as thankfully with angles and the viking raiders being vastly similar to the magnusson brothers and tristans attires that I make for them, so I just used theirs.
  24. Has anyone else had blonde facial hair turn white on you ? as it happened to one of my CAWS and its annoying why is there no scroll bar past 16 face textures, yet the other menus have them.. ffs 2k.
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