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  1. its understandable mike, all of that dlc should have already been in the game to begin with in CAW or CAA for example.
  2. its ok and understandable my friend
  3. one thing im honestly grateful for about most of the towers is being able to mimic the computer and spam the shit out of various moves and beat them in like 6 minutes or less. Well not the main ones, but yeah, if that wasnt the case then I would not play them at all. It's how I beat the Fiend and Sheamus towers. Just got a kendo stick or the steel steps or a gravestone/that wierd broom and beat the shit out of the cpu till they were knocked out or I could do a sig/finisher and win the match.
  4. that I will agree on though, and hiding stuff behind prestige crap when it should be in the game, to begin with. As the unlocker that you pay $ for should actually unlock everything, either that or make everything purchasable with VC so the unlocker can unlock them.
  5. I only do the towers that have new moves attached to it.
  6. one thing I loathe about 20 are these new control format. Whoever suggested it should be put into a burlap sack and beat with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel. Give us an option to switch to 19's as half the time I cant get my reversal or whatnot to work.
  7. I didnt know that, holy.. 2 pages worth of objectives... uggggh....
  8. No I did not change the difficulty and did not know that you were able to do so. Also how many damn objectives are there, as these main towers suck because of it..
  9. I have not actually played a wwe game in awhile as I mostly do it for the sim aka comp vs comp, however using what the comp did, I spam the shit out of moves and have beaten most of these towers easy using such methods. All hail doing unto the computer before it does unto you..
  10. There needs to be an attack where you hit your opponent with a large can of Spam. Call it The Spam Hammer or something. So you could spam an attack of you actually attacking your opponent with Spam.
  11. its not a problem try this for a chest tattoo: https://ibb.co/Vw3fZXM smackdowntattoo.com/ and http://www.mediafire.com/file/3ojuld7bezo24e0/GTA_5.zip/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/dhon6u60e5020jy/10-21-19.zip/file enjoy
  12. 21 needs to have all the DLC from 20 in-game to begin with. The attire parts, moves, arenas, ect..
  13. So Brandon, basically 2k pulled a M. Bison with Grand Champion Bautista ?
  14. https://ibb.co/0XH571d https://ibb.co/tDq0L6S https://ibb.co/MRJjPn5 https://ibb.co/C1QhYrZ https://ibb.co/svfsydh https://ibb.co/FKc48Wh here you go, hope these help !
  15. what tattoos did you use on him for 19 ? perhaps I can help..
  16. im honestly surprised Kenshiro's jacket didn't make it into it, but if I'm not mistaken several wrestlers already use a similarly styled jacket already. and yes im a HUGE anime fan. as my long time screen name is a direct reference to one of my all-time favorite anime's/characters, japanese version of the name. Ronin Warrior's Rekka No Ryo or Ryo of the Raging Blaze/Inferno. I thought for sure that we would get some All Might stuff also for Lashley for obvious reasons, but I will take FOTNS and Kenshiro as a win ! Though if im not mistaken The Divine Move is the Gary Daniels 95 live action version, though it is just the ending of it and not the full attack.
  17. isn't there suppose to be a fist of the north star taunt in the game as well ?
  18. half of those moves should have been in the game to begin with, well Riddles for example. The other half im happy with as DLC
  19. seriously though, most of this stuff should have been in the game to begin with, from the moves to the caw parts and ring stuff. screw this hidden behind class and towers crap.
  20. I hear by rename that Samoa Joe, Lardos in honor of his appearance..
  21. samoa joe looks like a fat kratos. and according to the page 6 playable superstars, 4 new towers. 2 arenas, a new 2k showcase and new parts.
  22. yes but by downloading 20 we sort of cast our lot with this one, as none of us can upload anything to 19 so everything is stuck as it is. Attires, CAWS, ect.. also I reuploaded Gary with different tattoos now that the 10 logo limit glitch is gone. Also Ivan is up with a "new" first attire too due to this and their movesets are tweaked. Gorial & the magnusson brothers, well till it doesnt take forever to upload images, im happy with what they have.
  23. they have to give Mojo something, and Drifter sounds about right, as he drifts into mediocrity or from gimmick to gimmick.
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