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  1. after that table botch cody looked dead on his feet, even when he returned at the end, you could still tell he was not there, as he was doing the zombie shuffle to the ring, like he had no idea where he was, ect.
  2. yeah, that spot had me cringing. I was like something went wrong there. You could tell from the commentary that they thought something was up, even the ref was like holy crap, is he dead !?!
  3. that was a stupid spot, and when it was over, I was like something is up. Hiromu doesnt look right. Ishii vs Suzuki though was what I pretty much expected.
  4. The Tongan's killed everyone. All they needed was The Barbarian for their faction to be complete.
  5. White's tights sort of remind me of beniots, and NJPW has not dissapointed at all. And is Cody suppose to be Vegeta, as his attire sort of reminds me of that. My mistake, Cody's attire is suppose to be that of an greek or roman emperor, the intro. The only thing that was missing was a wreath around his head. Also no cool intro attire for Omega.
  6. Oh they do not look any bigger muscle mass wise from when they were junior heavyweights. As all of them are suppose to be heavyweights now.
  7. NJPW last night and the bullet club everything is fine marathon on tv is nice. It's diffrent from WWE. http://www.axs.tv/schedules/ As that's what it's called Bullet Club Everything Is Fine Marathon. Cody & The Young bucks are "hosting" it.
  8. last night and the bullet club is fine marathon is nice. Also omega, Ibushi and the young bucks dont look any bigger to me.
  9. As I would really love for NJPW to thrive outside of Japan and force the WWE to actually be creative and think outside the box again and take risks on people they otherwise would not have, like WCW use to do. But I would also be worried about Vince and company gutting the promotion if that happens to try and kill it quick.
  10. does anyone think that IF NJPW were to get big outside Japan, the WWE would try to kill it quick and do you think any of them would actually go ? As to be honest I do like NJPW but I do not buy into the Omega hype. He is good but over rated imho, as Cody pointed out.
  11. I have been listening to Asuka's and also Sane's theme.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58YkuvuqyWE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ020f94kj4 both are by Waterproof Blonde
  13. I broke my left one in 2 places some years ago thankfully no reconstructive surgery was necessary, so I know what she is going through. Wish her a speedy recovery.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imOfJYtwQu4 Corny's opinion on the Omega and Okada match
  15. To those wanting to see Cody's twitter posts: http://rajah.com/node/52016
  16. I just watched Fairy Tail Season 1, The Devil Is A Part Timer !, and The Seven Deadly Sins after finally getting reliable internet back and I liked all 3 of them .I am sad though that Netflix does not have any more of Fairy Tail though.
  17. I liked the Paranormal Dean Ambrose and always wondered if he and seth had some tales of the Ohio Grassman or Brock and Curt jr. had some tales of the Dogman..
  18. on AXS TV they are showing NJPW till like 6 am tanahashi vs okada okada vs goto 2013 match of the year okada vs makabe okada vs devitt 23 g-1 climax tournie
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