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  1. brandon has telekenesis when it comes to his outfits or hair !
  2. the people will get done when they get done in their own time.
  3. let me know what your doing as I will upload my caws that I changed on 19 up.
  4. Brandon's hair has levitation powers! Also I have clipping issues with a sleeveless vest and the jinder entrance for one of my caws, as it clips, and also from the back it also looks weird as well.
  5. I have counted and sometimes it takes me like 50 trys, 30 is also where they upload as well. But yes, 20's image uploader is a dumpster fire.
  6. preach ! it took me literally like 50 trys to upload 1 of Gary's tattoos and that looks bad ass ! great job though.
  7. I have not tried to upload anything to 20 yet, as I'm happy as a pig in crap about being able to upload stuff to 19 again. Also Brandon, on your last post on page 37, that's a lot of IF's my friend. And all of you are right, if whoever was in charge got their shit together and fixed 20, it would be vastly superior to 19, but to say they fumbled the ball is an understatement.
  8. when 20 works it's a great game, however, it was really really half-assed. One of the things I do like is at times, my opponent when in doing a comp vs comp will jump the person before they get to the ring. That and in 20 they pull out a lot of stops and do moves that in 19 they would not, like both finishers and moves you don't see before.
  9. good point. As I uploaded ALL of my new 20 logos which were not a lot mind you in like 5 minutes.
  10. Im using the 19 feature and uploading my stuff from 20 to 19, as even though some of the movesets and taunts are diffrent, 19 works.
  11. 20 is one of my only digital games and I dont delete shit. Also it should be in your library.
  12. https://www.wwe2k.com/upload/ now has a which game do you want to upload to option, 19 or 20 and the 19 one works every time. I have just put the tattoos for Gary that I had on 20 on my 19 version.
  13. Yeah with 2k20 you honestly cant tell if people are shitting you or not. And thats really damn scary It works ! I have just uploaded the tattoos for Gary that I had on 20 into 19 ! the 19 logo uploader WORKS EVERY TIME !
  14. while I was watching BPW's streaming today, Broke downloaded my CAW Gary with his updated tattoos, but the tattoo on his left arm and side are invisible on the model when he went to copy them, yet are there in the pose for him. So what do I do for broke ?
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