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  1. Hey guys, I just created a "Tag Team Finishers for WWE 2K19" video I used Windows Movie Maker. You can use it with Windows 10 although it is not supported by it. I tried to include most of the "Golden Era" tag team finishers. I will be regularly tweeting this video on Twitter to: @WWEgames, @WWE2Kdev and of course @TruBWill. Here is my video: I made this video because it is frustrating to create the Steiners, Nasty Boys, Headbangers, Orient Express, Power and Glory, the Powers Of Pain ONLY not to have their tag team finishers in the game each year. To be fair, they have been including more tag team moves and tag team finishers, like in WWE 2K18, they included the "Aided Powerbomb" for the A.P.A. and also they included the Death Sentence and "Total Elimination" but we need more added to WWE 2K19. So, if you like this idea and are on YouTube please give my video a like and if you are on Twitter, please tweet my video to the WWE Games staff above. With your support we can get all or some of these moves added into future WWE games! Thanks guys!
  2. He looks like a fat, hairy woman. Lol.
  3. I want the Tech Fall (Steinerizer) (Doomsday Bulldog). Made famous by the Steiner Bros and used by American Alpha, (with them, calling it the Tech Fall). It "should" be in seeing as how American Alpha have been using it as their second tag team finisher for almost a year prior to, disbanding. But it's a tag move that is way, long overdue. Hoping it's in.
  4. Tech Fall (Steinerizer) or bust!!
  5. lchr788

    New tag team moves

    Hoping the Tech Fall (Steinerizer) makes it in the DLC moves pack. American Alpha have only been using it as a 2nd tag finisher for about a year. LOL.
  6. I don`t see any tag team moves whatsoever in either of your new move pack idea threads.
  7. Not to mention the Hart Attack and Spike Piledriver those moves haven`t been in since at least SVR 2009 or SVR 2010 if I`m not mistaken. I have been asking for Hart Attack to be back in the WWE games for like almost 5-6 years now. I am beyond happy now!
  8. That is a big part in wrestling period. You would think that they would have that implemented in the game. Also, they need to fix the ropes, they bounce way too much. And it would be awesome that if a wrestler accidently hit the ropes, if by doing a move (having a move done to them), that they would get hurt by hitting the ropes. Like in real life. Triple threat tag teams matches def need to be put in, I don't understand why they ain't in there now. I love your idea of universe mode. It would be a major improvement if they added something like that. Right now, they've limited the cutscenes you get so much that your basically just playing match after match with nothing happening which makes it boring. Older moves def needed added back in. I miss some of them. the cable thing is weird that they took it out since it would work for hardcore no dq matches. And I too miss the crowd environment that they used to have. It was taken out because of the Chris Benoit tragedy.
  9. More tag team moves like the Hart Attack, Piledriver Spike, Double Superkick, the Shield`s Triple Powerbomb.
  10. Hey guys, Rumors are going around about the possibility of breaking down/unlocking editing/moves may soon become possible? I miss some of the old tag team finishers from SvR 2010. Are moves from SVR 2010 still on the WWE2K14 disc? I would like to add the Hart Attack and Piledriver Spike tag team finishers into WWE2K14. Is this at all possible? I would be willing to help out financially if someone could do this. Thank you! P.S. I apologize if I was misinformed but I was told it may be possible and I am personally very interested in this.
  11. Yeah I hope we get ALOT more tag team finishers in the next game. I hate how tag team finishers are overlooked. I am a huge tag team mark!!
  12. You mean this? Top Rope Guillotine (Macho Man Randy Savage)
  13. i Tweeted him asking for: Hart Attack Stinger Splash Shield Triple Powerbomb Piledriver Spike
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