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  1. Still kinda weary on this game, art style is more miss than hit. Women continue to look horrible while only the legends seem to fit the style. 7 original characters in campaign sounds incredibly overkill. Most players would rather either play as the WWE guys or their own CAWs, not some literal nobody. I also think there's seems to be little real reason or rhyme for all the glowing/flaming fists and how they relate to each wrestler. WrestleMania Arcade had character specific special moves that fit them like Undertaker beating people with an actual tombstone. Immortals gave the roster personas bases on their gimmick or nicknames, so Kane was an actual demon and such. But Battlegrounds? Rock has a fire fist and Austin has an electric one. Shouldn't Rock like be the one with the electric fist, being the "Most Electrifying Man" and all? If they can't get something that obvious right, what does it say for the rest of the game?
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