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  1. Hey man, your kid kash caw is awesome. Please could you send me the formula ? I'm on PS3 and I can't find a good kid kash on live ! Please Help me

  2. hey man any chance you will make shelton benjamin again for this year

  3. sorry people i dont have a ps2 anymore & all my current 360 caws were deleted when my 360 broke down

  4. Sup bro, i know this is like HELLA late, but dude i would really appreciate it, if you still have it, if you could send me your ROh Vs. Tna Vs. Indy save for Svr09, i love indy wrestlers and i am not buying svr10 anytime soon so i am literally without a heap of wrestlers and all the ones out there kinda suck cept for yours, which are awesome

  5. hey man will you be uploading haas & benjamin on live as im really intrested in these same with beer money ill try & get you a decent beer money logo if i can still find it thx

  6. thx man appreciate it

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. if you need the tna entrance music for your caws here is a link for almost everyones and is the very best quality


    i hope this helps & let the other 4cawmen know thanks for all the caws


  9. Hey, do you happen to have a Brutus Magnus formula?

  10. I've had coffee blacker than you.

  11. plz can u send me that suicide formula? n could u plz send me the lax ones as well tanks

  12. the true geniune caw making legend one of the greats for sure good to see you back

  13. Can I please get the formula for the Abdul Bashir CAW.

  14. can i get da formula 2 ur Jimmy Rave CAW?...i've been lookin 4 a decent Jimmy Rave 4 SVR 08 4 months...literally...and urz iz more den perfect...it'll be greatly appreciated...

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