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  1. Sean Ross Sapp mentioned this great idea about the Usos getting drafted to Raw, only for Roman to get pissed and for Paul to arrange a trade. SD then gets the Usos back while Raw gets the New Day. There's no reason to split them up again. Plus the story is right there with New Day/Hurt Business, then move on to the Bloodline at Survivor Series.

  2. I heard they threw hands but there ain't much going on here besides a pull apart lol Still I'm glad Penta ain't friends with this *Censored* like Andrade and Sin Cara/Hunico.

  3. ROCHESTER, NY, September 29 – On the same day All Elite Wrestling (AEW) makes its debut in Jon Huber’s hometown of Rochester, NY, his family and friends are announcing the creation of the Jon Huber Legacy Foundation. 

    The Foundation will focus on providing support to people in creative fields who have not taken the next step in their career because of family obligations. 

    “Jon almost gave up on his dream of wrestling because of his family,” said Amanda Huber, “But he got the call to move up to WWE while we were in the hospital with our first child. I can’t think of a better way of honoring his commitment to family and his career than to help other people who are facing the same dilemma.”

    Beginning in 2022, the Foundation will select a group of creative individuals to support with resources, connections, practical skills, and direct funding. The cohort will meet throughout the year to learn from experts in areas including business planning, artist management, public relations, brand management, finances, and IP law. These skills and connections will help them provide for their families while also helping them pursue their dreams. 

    “Many artists and wrestlers are never taught how to manage their finances, investments, and assets in a way to make sure their family is secure,” said Chris Huber, “Like our father, Jon always wanted to make sure he was making decisions that were the right decision not only for his career, but also for his family.”

    The foundation will announce its first application round in early 2022.

    For more information, please visit www.jonhuberlegacyfoundation.org and/or email info@jonhuberlegacyfoundation.org.


  4. Apparently The Pinnacle may have been quietly broken up. I hope FTR keeps the music at least cause it really fits them I think lol

    So weird cause Jericho just said on his pod that TK was against the Inner Circle breaking up and said they can just do their own things but still be associated with each other. But I guess there wasn't much for The Pinnacle since they were only created to take them down. Both groups are pretty much non-existent now besides Jericho hanging out with Hager and Tully managing both FTR and Spears. And Wardlow could be breaking away from MJF any minute now.

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