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  1. Meltzer tried to say 1500 fans all got up and left during the Alexa/Charlotte segment at the start of the last hour lmao
  2. My one fear is if you don't have the ad free version of Peacock that they'll play ads throughout the movie. But maybe it's different with movies premiering like this in theaters and streaming at the same time. Not sure how Peacock have handled this so far, not like I watched Boss Baby 2 when they did it for that movie also.
  3. What if...Kevin Steen debuted and won this? I think Brian Pillman Jr. would be a good shout too.
  4. Kanyon was gay (not openly) in a time where it was unfortunately not as accepting as it is today. This would lead to ribs from the boys, effect his booking and eventually would lead to his firing because of it. I assume a lot of homophobic superstars are going to be exposed this episode. One example I could think of is Taker initially being a big fan of Kanyon's work, which is why he got a big push (double champ) during the Invasion storyline. Taker later found out and Kanyon just stopped getting used on TV. Then Taker buried him on his way out. And then also the Ric Flair phone call on Howard Stern I posted a couple pages ago.
  5. Stallion, Greene, 2point0...205 Live is taking over!!! Let's gooo!!! Don't google Bussy lol
  6. They removed him from the signature intro at the start of the shows too. Replaced him with Warrior lol
  7. And they replaced his image with Warrior. Another controversial figure...lmao
  8. If it's a tribute, I don't mind. Reminds me of when Butch Reed passed and his family reached out to Powerhouse Hobbs to tell him he was a fan. I think a lot of people started pitching he go by "Hacksaw" Hoobs instead as a tribute, maybe when he turns again.
  9. Bruh, Sheamus took off his mask and immediately *censored*ed up his nose again lmao Horrible luck.
  10. I'm still behind but I guess Shotzi & Nox beating the champs 3 weeks in a row and even a contenders match meant jack shit lmao
  11. I'm not gonna spoil anything else for myself but I'll post it anyway lol
  12. Damn, my friends and I got there right after the Gunn Club's entrance but I didn't know we missed a whole Thunder Rosa match at the beginning. Shit. I always wondered if they dubbed in the old themes since they don't play the licensed music on YouTube. The answer is yes cause we definitely heard "Where Is My Mind" live when Orange came out lol "A Very Good Professional Wrestler" changing his name to "Avery Good" for this Dark match is so good lmao
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