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  1. Havok vs. Kong was decent...but just imagine if Kong was still in her prime. I liked it though.


    I hate those previews man, they literally spoil everything...so, Anderson's considered a TNA legend already?



    Damn, Tyrus hit that Big Ending as good as Big E does.



    I feel like Tyrus got these last couple of singlets done while still in WWE...considering they all have his old catchphrases. And I haven't heard him say a single one of them in TNA yet.



    I kinda wish we saw the full "race" between Robbie and Brooke lol.

  2. So what's Angelina Love gonna do now without Velvet Sky? Keep being a valet for the BroMans? They don't even need her, they have DJ Z. Personally, I'd love to see her replace Velvet and reunite the Beautiful People with Madison Rayne. She seems to have been lost in the shuffle herself since her feud with Brittany got dropped and then nothing happened and then she randomly turned heel for no reason.

  3. Nothing too extreme from what I've noticed...it just has "Did You Know?s" that pop up at the bottom like "This is Low-Ki's 4th X-Division Championship." And then it has maybe one thing that wasn't in the original airing like this interview with Magnus and how he has to provide for his new family with Mickie James now. Which is why it was kinda obvious for me when he ended up getting one of the briefcases. I think it may have power rankings every week as well.

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