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  1. I just read today that Sting's upcoming documentary DVD will actually be focusing on "leading into WM 31" instead of a full career documentary. Man, *Censored* that shit. Pass. Source: Wrestlingdvdnews.com

    Well...isn't that what the Best of Sting DVD last year was? This actually sounds cool, like one of those WWE 24 episodes.

  2. According to Woods, he had an idea and WWE had another idea for a new show on the Network. And they put both ideas together to make this show for YouTube instead. So it's sorta a WWE thing too, but it's more him than anything. Plus, if he'd ever get released, I think he'd be able to continue the show since he isn't using Xavier Woods.

  3. Also, ugh...I always liked the Joseph Park character, but it was stupid to bring him back for one night to accept Bram's open challenge while he's still Abyss in The Revolution. Like they spent months trying to get Joseph Park to realize he was Abyss and tonight they brought him back like he was a whole new person separate from him again.

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