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  1. Bro why can't people just FIGHT lmao
  2. They need to do Kofi/Roman the PLE before Big E comes back.
  3. How bout we call em "War Machine (not to be confused with the shitty abusive MMA fighter or Marvel character)."
  4. Were the Viking Raiders always this huge?
  5. People keep saying his body may be shot but I hope not. NXT Sami is a legend.
  6. If Liv vacates the title rn ima lose it.
  7. I wish Shinsuke was 6 years younger for the GUNTHER match.
  8. Trips pls, give Shinsuke the whole intro of his song and the old lighting back. The streets need it.
  9. Hit that SSP Andrew Everett style. Can't believe he got that in 2K lmao
  10. Trips remembered about Rico's flip on Velv-[redacted].
  11. C'mon Roman, wear the shirt lol
  12. Okay SD, please be good. I want 50 debuts/returns minimum. Yes, AEW has spoiled me.
  13. She can be champ champ with the LeftRightLeftRight title.
  14. I don't understand HHH's hard on for Killer Kross but at the same time I do cause Scarlett lol
  15. Hopefully Impact playing footage from Flair's Last Match leads to them bringing in Jacob Fatu from MLW for another go at the world title. Hopefully that event also opened their eyes to what they have with Black Taurus lol
  16. Pain. Wtf? Oh well, at least the UK title finally changed hands in the UK for once lmao
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