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  1. Zicky is really good. I'm not sure about introducing him as a member of Brian Myers' stable of random dudes, but hopefully he can break out and be himself soon. Some of his vignettes he's put online are phenomenal.

    Also, I think it's time I got Impact Plus again for the specials starting tonight. Just wish they included their actual PPVs too, but I don't mind coughing up the dough every quarter.

  2. Starting 205 Live now..

    Amari Miller got the Emma bubbles! Guess they found that machine. :lol:

    Idk why, this episode feels huge with talent like Sarray and the Creed Brothers.

    I believe one of these dudes the Creed Bros squashed is Rhea Ripley's BF.

    I actually don't mind 205 Live becoming the NXT version of WWE Main Event...just change the name. Reminds me of late WWECW becoming basically what the rebooted NXT would become in 2012. Maybe bring back Superstars lol


    "Smackdown Supersized" is going half an hour longer next week. I love TK but Rampage does NXT numbers while SD averages about 2 million viewers a week lol

    Also, who's gonna tell em they go head to head with 205 Live every week? :hqhq:

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