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  1. Don't do it Takeshita. Though I imagine DDT could have him locked down to a long term deal before he went on excursion.
  2. TIL the famous "That's gotta be Kane! That's gotta be Kane!" call is actually a re-dubbing Vince did and that this is the original here. @ 2:44 Now I wonder how often they did that lol
  3. Who would've thought we'd get a new Flair attire this year lol
  4. It's just *censored*ing silly. It's a TV show, new characters get introduced all the time. You aren't supposed to know every new character that comes in but they set the table for you and then the match lets you know who the *Censored* he is. Look at Takeshita, way less people knew who he was a few months ago. Now he's one of the hottest acts in all of wrestling and will be a bigger star now when he gets back to Japan and eventually returns again in a few months/years.
  5. I miss Kairi but I think she doesn't want to leave Japan anymore to be close to her husband.
  6. Anything similar to Katana/Kayden's tag finisher? Basically the move at 0:56 except Katana does a 450 instead. They got every other MCMG move and even Chris Sabin's entrance but not their finisher it seems lmao
  7. Claudio-Takeshita was indeed a banger. Also mother*censored*ers going crazy online about not knowing Mance Warner. They literally played a video package for you losers. For the love of god, please use Google. It's honestly faster than you making a *censored*ing tiktok video complaining about it. YOU'RE ON THE INTERNET. Jesus lmao
  8. ^ Would be nice but I also like the WM Hollywood name for next year lol I guess Roman will face Drew for one title and Kross for the other? Then Theory cashes in and makes one of them a triple threat and pins the other guy? Roman hasn't been pinned in 3 years so yeah lol
  9. Watching now. Saw the screenshot of Jay Lethal with the TNT title and almost shit. Thank goodness that's not the case.
  10. Sasha's social distancing pics with the fans are wild though lmao
  11. We went from Keith Lee and Finn to Kross. Would the *Censored* wanted that lmao
  12. Hopefully they add the episode to the TNT app soon.
  13. The overpushed NXT run and the CYN stuff rubbed a lot of people the wrong way lol
  14. Breaks my heart that Scotty 2 Hotty did CYN too but I'm hoping he just did it as a favor.
  15. Why did they have the BCC logo on Nese's tron? Pls no.
  16. My goat TAKESHITA getting ready for Andrew Everett this weekend. Oh and Claudio.
  17. Nah but seeing Kross getting roasted all day before he came back was funny af. Honestly don't know what he did on his time away besides Control Your Narrative (lol) and stinking the place up with Davey Jr. at Flair's Last Match.
  18. Two Dimes accepted the Factory's offer???
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