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  1. *Censored* Y'all wanna take a guess against who lol
  2. Got spoiled a big appearance for SD. Got a crowd for 2 seconds again and shit getting spoiled again lol
  3. Rey bout to beat dat ass.
  4. I mean this seems to be mostly lower card/PC trainees so probably the same crowd lol
  5. Still crazy to me how Austin Theory found himself here.
  6. Charly, come get ya mans.
  7. The one wearing a hat looks like Marko Stunt lol
  8. It's nice that now WWE can get the desired reactions for each superstar lol
  9. Sitting is for fake fans. Nah, must be annoying tho lmao
  10. The hockey type glass is pretty cool tbh. Malcolm Bivens scouting.
  11. Wasn't so great for Mr. Kennedy. I remember this being like one of the handful of Raw episodes I've ever missed cause I was working on some school project.
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