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  1. So TNA still got Eric Young stuff to air on the Fight Network. Surprised they went through with it since I'm pretty sure he's signed to NXT now.
  2. Watching last night's episode now, and I noticed Bobby Lashley got his first name back lol. I don't think many noticed he went without it anyway.
  3. I've noticed they brought back Suicide/Manik for the X-Division ONO PPV. Anyone know who played him this time?
  4. Yeah, Ciampa used to be signed to their developmental around that time too.
  5. https://twitter.com/VivaDelRio/status/774235251019096065?s=09 Apparently left on "good terms."
  6. http://youtu.be/zIYlUUBNsvM Yeah, this does feel like just part 1. Hopefully if there's a part 2, we see the return of Bram since Decay kidnapped him in those Rosemary vignettes.
  7. They'll probably wait like a week before releasing it in full. I hope so, I definitely want more. Though I kinda wish they had saved Delete or Decay for Bound for Glory honestly.
  8. That was different, I liked it. Is the crowd always that dark too? I liked that too.
  9. Yeah, I loved Final Deletion but it was a pain to watch the wrestling in between the segments. Not that it was a bad show or anything, but with all the hype over Final Deletion, nobody really cared about anything else going on. So I hope this time instead they just take up the whole last half hour.
  10. Runnels is the Rhodes Family's real last name.
  11. *Censored* yeah he was. I remember there was even a period of them where they had him stop doing the BNB shtick while still being BNB because he was getting "too over" as a heel. I honestly will never understand why they didn't just turn him face.
  12. Dalton Castle and The Boys better be the first champs.
  13. Or the New Wrestling in Japan. Or the Subterranean Lucha.
  14. I guess it's because it wasn't really big news. It's not like it made it on TMZ or something.
  15. Lit. I wouldn't mind if they used the same actor that plays him in Arrow, but I highly doubt they did.
  16. Jeez, I know it's ugly, but I thought there would be some people like me that are just happy for them that they got some merch lol.
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