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  1. Braun should've tried to pull out the sword but can't cause HE IS NOT WORTHY.
  2. My dad legit thinks I'm rewatching something since Mania was all weekend long. Hmmm I guess the average person wouldn't believe that there's new wrestling content every single day of the week...and not all of them WWE too lol
  3. Last year, Drew faced Big Show in the hidden main event of WrestleMania. This year, Bruan. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
  4. I won't accept any new Hurt Business members unless they're OG Beat Down Clan members (Samoa Joe, Kenny King, Homicide, Low-Ki)
  6. Still kinda funny how WWE ain't wanna give Lana her due. Not at Mania, not even tonight. Her closest thing to revenge is eliminating Nia in the Rumble and I guess that tables match win? But that shouldn't count as revenge for 3 months of getting wrecked through tables.
  7. Nia has joined Titus Worldslide. Why countout? WHY THEIR SONG, THEY LOST LOL
  8. Didn't notice Bianca's outdated trons at Mania til the slideshow just now..."EST of NXT" lol
  9. Surprised Dana got approval to wear this again after a few slip ups at Mania lol
  10. The reach Bad Bunny has is crazy. Saturday morning half my friends were thirsting over his nude selfie on their IG stories. And more yesterday were excited about his tour announcement from Mania.
  11. Do they have the horse galloping noises when he comes out? Weirdchamp.
  12. Breakup incoming. Even though I bet ya Morrison is in half the Miz & Mrs episodes lmao
  13. Oh man lol *Censored* NXT, just move Franky Monet (Taya) to Raw now.
  14. Alexa. Why hasn't she been more like this instead of dressing like a 12 year old and making things weird lol
  15. We get a Firefly Funhouse segment AND an Alexa's Playground segment? Jeez.
  16. Two years ago, they said *Censored* it and had Kofi on Raw. Why not? They need to use that brand invitational thing more often lol
  17. Why does Rhea have a creepypasta on her pants lol
  18. I knew it was the Raw after WrestleMania but I forgot it was Raw After Mania if that makes sense lol
  19. I thought Rhea turned heel so Charlotte won't have to lol Twas waiting for Io.
  20. Charlotte acting like everything took her out of Mania except for Covid, even though they announced it lmao
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