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  1. TIL Ricocher may have cheated on Kacy Catanzaro with former NXT superstar Stacey Ervin Jr.
  2. Damn, how'd I miss this lol
  3. I was wondering where he went after the first few shows lol
  4. If you can even call Nia's move a Buckle Bomb...well, okay then lol
  5. Sweet, twas just thinking of downloading his 2009/2003 attires. I got him in his Broken attire, but it just doesn't look right with his hair this year lol
  6. Question, how do you use these newer equipment cards? Only know how to use the older ones on the few SS19 cards I have left. Reached limit and don't want to just delete these and have em go to waste.
  7. Tehuti Miles ending 205 Live with a W. Cool to see dudes catch a break somewhere, even if they don't have time for them on NXT or elsewhere.
  8. I see Funimation ads all the time on AXS TV during Impact. Seeing one here on Fox is mad weird for some reason lol I forgot all about the current world title situation lol
  9. SHORTY!!! I like Jessika Carr, but it's ashame how WWE makes her barely noticeable and I forget she's even there til she shows up. Whereas AEW seems pretty proud to have Aubrey Edwards and I think she's even the top referee there. OTIS. MY MANS. Kurt introducing MATT RIDDLE. Perfect.
  10. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, I was gonna post that earlier. Randy turned face lol
  11. Yeah, I couldn't sign in today for some reason but it worked. I was only on for a few mins tho.
  12. Wanted Shorty G to win, get Bryan's respect and be added to his group with Gulak. And then get his name back, of course. WWE ain't slick going straight to Malcolm Bivens when New Day came out. Shad armband on Kofi. Hana armband on Sasha. This gear's not bad on Sasha. She can save her traditional gear for PPVs.
  13. I wonder if they will get the other 3 officers as well?
  14. I'd imagine they got more freedom on NXT and not walking on eggshells with Vince watching on Raw. Plus, they're watching their friends on NXT so of course they'll *Censored* with them. Not reaching the *censored*ery they do on AEW yet unfortunately. Makes it fun for me.
  15. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Damn, didn't even know Jojo was pregnant again lol Congrats to them.
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