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  1. I swear Space Jam 2 was coming out this week...but the new date is July 16. When did this happen lol
  2. I'll remember when I put AEW Dark on lol
  3. I miss the Fight Night series. That was my shit in the 360 days.
  4. Woah, big jump from the usual these days. And they blew it lol
  5. I hope MVP do these boys a solid and unmasks Dio and Dijakovic. Mia appeared unmasked on stage at Mania but these dudes were still masked in the Andre Battle Royal. Why lol
  6. My bad lmao I wouldn't trust them with Clem on one of the shows tbh.
  7. Yeah, there is a free version of Peacock as well. My cousin and I checked it out a week before we made the switch. We were able to check out some random events that were unlocked, like one of the more recent Royal Rumbles.
  8. Glad they will be addressing this on SD it seems.
  9. Usually Mania time. Sometimes the PPV after seems to be the most updated arena, but any debuts after Mania seem to end up being DLC.
  10. CLEM!!!! Oddly enough, some of my favorite YouTube reactors have been playing Telltale's The Walking Dead game lately. Any other fans in here?
  11. Dabba-Kato's new name is apparently Commander Azeez. They filed the trademark a couple days ago.
  12. I still keep the app on my phone cause it's basically gone back to being a news app like it was pre-Network and good place to check the roster page lol
  13. I got one for Christmas randomly a couple years ago, 2016 edition lol
  14. It's by def rebel too actually specifically for Mania lol
  15. I'm saying. At least write him off or something lol
  16. Does this mean another month of this or nah lol
  17. Raw After Mania returns: -Cedric Alexander's theme -Viking Raiders -Chatlotte -Maryse -MVP's 2010 theme -Firefly Funhouse -Mace and T-Bar Debuts: -Alexa Bliss' doll Lily Lmao
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