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  1. Great shots. And yeah, honestly, that view is better. I'm grateful I got floor seats, but it made it hard to see a lot of the impact of moves with all the heads in the way. And I definitely had to look up at the TV quite a bit whenever they would brawl at ringside, so I definitely missed a bunch of shit like Darby diving on the steps. And Mox's entrance kinda sucks live if you can't find him. :lol: So yeah, floor seats aren't perfect but it was cool being so close to everybody. Loved being able to bring my brother who still goes wild at these shows and hasn't been beat down by life yet lol

  2. On 9/15/2021 at 6:59 AM, Austin3035 said:

    Sounds like it coach's fault he did get paid if that true should have kept his receipts

    If you read the article, he did keep the receipts. Then everyone at XFL got shitcanned.

  3. Thanks guys. And luckily some dudes to our right didn't stick around for the Rampage taping so we took their seats for an even better view. Like 3 seats away from the barricade on the ramp side. :D

    I didn't tell any of my friends we got floor seats til we got there too. Wanted to surprise em lmao

    Speaking of Rampage, small little detail:


    They brought the black AEW logo back for the mat! :D

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