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  1. I'm going to say Drake's release wasn't a work.  I hope anyway. There's just no way, it's just too much in poor taste. Triple H offered him an NXT contract, something like Joe had originally and I believe Kassius Ohno had as well. We'll probably never see Drake on the main roster again, but I think he'll have a home here and I'm sure on NXT UK eventually.

  2. Seeing Santana kick Big Game Leroy's Nintendo Switch out of his hands on Dark hurted my heart. And I'd imagine he isn't the first to do that, I can't imagine the damage his Switch has gone through. :lol:Sucks they didn't let him do any other spots with it besides that. It's like he was powerless without it lol

    We need more of the QT Marshall/Allie storyline on Dynamite. So good.

  3. Interesting choice to break up oVe completely, including the Crist Brothers. Joseph P. Ryan & Jake Crist will make an interesting incarnation of #CancelCulture until RVD & Katie Forbes come back.

    If you don't watch Impact, this must sound like gibberish/nonsense lmao

    TIL Impact still airs on Twitch at the same time as AXS TV. So y'all can watch there if you don't have the channel. I got AXS, but I think I'll stick with Twitch now and get some Melissa Santos commentary during the break.

    Great ad at the end for Slammiversary, teasing many debuts/returns.


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