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    So the reason why this match happened on the Buy-In was because this match was the first time a quarter of NXT beat AEW. :lol: And apparently the match people pointed to when they tried saying Tay was a bad signing. Crazy how much she's grown.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Oresama said:

    Also Jeet's TV debut. The dude's been signed since 2015, that's got to be some kind of record.

    Wasn't he on the Superstar Spectacle thing for India? I guess we could still count this as his NXT debut in a way lol

  3. I'm not watching til I go to theaters tomorrow...but I'm not hearing great things about this movie and it currently has 49% on Peacock right now. *Censored* I'm so sad, I waited so long for this movie lmao

    Kinda expended this response since they had previously announced Halloween Ends for the following year so I wouldn't be surprised if Kills just feels like an unfinished movie or something.

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