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Fight Me.

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  1. Nah playa, he's just making a tag match!

  2. Yes, I'm actually listening to the new Suburbia album as I type this right now lol

  3. I guess I'm keeping this one for a while :D Lol

  4. Your avy makes me wanna go buy sneakers, but then I remembered I"m a poor Jimmy. :(

  5. lol yes, it's a very memorable moment in SmackDown history. :3

  6. Now that I googled him, I kinda see why haha

  7. You listen to the Wonder Years? I think I love you dude. o:

  8. I gotta wait another hour and a half to say that. :( lol thanks man :D

  9. Thank you for the creepy XBL voice mail...lmao

    I can't play shit, my tray doesn't read any games and I've been too lazy to fix it. :/

  10. v LMAO! I get you mixed up with Status a lot.

  11. RiCARd0 PaRt oF The MeXiCanCools?! :o

  12. I find it sorta weird my best friend is also named Dylan, 15, likes wrestling, skating, and listens to the same bands you do...really weird lmao

  13. Btw, I can't help but read all my posts in Cole's voice. It's really annoying me too. xD

  14. I can look at that gif all day. D_D

  15. Zack Ryder > The Rock


  16. Thanks, though I gotta really thank Tsel for the sig. Nice avatars btw. ^^

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