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  1. At 278+ days and counting, Hikaru Shida has surpassed Jon Moxley as AEW's longest reigning champion ever.
  2. Just some cool mocap footage, an update on the GM mode game and the release date for the AEW Casino Double or Nothing game is tomorrow. Though maybe people seem to have gotten their hands on it already. There seems to be little to no mentions of AEW in this game lmao
  3. We shall see. I think the mobile game is out soon at least. Starting now.
  4. YES BOY. Damn, I thought Pretty Deadly were faces here but I guess it was two heel teams going at it at the end of the day.
  5. Damn, I was all ready for tomorrow. It'll still be out on Steam though.
  6. Yes Boy. The Trent Seven stuff is perhaps the most inspiring story in all of WWE right now. Just hit me Bate was wrestling William Regal's son. He ain't bad. Lucky Kid vignette pretty good.
  7. Mansoor lowkey on a MyCareer run. Making his way through NXT, 205 and now defeating Gulak on Main Event. The legend continues! Tell me why Jaxson Ryker can go back to his Forgotten Sons gear but Tozawa still has to dress like a ninja.
  8. Why'd he come back to Impact for one cinematic match?
  9. From the article, with the pandemic and all, it looks like he may hit up NXT in the states first since he lives in Florida.
  10. Yeah, any word on how long he's expected to be out?
  11. RIP Jocephus aka The Question Mark This was out of nowhere. Wow.
  12. Good news. But yeah, *Censored*, it's so heartbreaking. I can't imagine how life changing it's been, let alone during all this. A while ago he also tweeted about how he feels embarrassed to even go outside. Man, I feel for him heavy. I hope everyone in wrestling has been able to help out and more soon.
  13. Twas wondering if they ever wrestled in Lucha Underground when they were King Cuerno and the White Rabbit. Don't think so but then again Kross came in mad late during the last season. Also didn't know Santos was also the wrestler who started the lawsuit against LU and set the homies free from their contracts. They did wrestle in Mexico though.
  14. Damn, that barricade bump had to suck ass. Santos just getting away with saying "*Censored* your mother" in Spanish.
  15. SAnitY. Why is Santos wearing Breezango cosplay lol
  16. MSK got their Cena merch lol I was hoping Swerve had signed with Bivens Enterprises. Big stuff for Zoey Stark. Wtf? Cameron Grimes the best.
  17. Creed got nL Jawnny and Chris Denker on G4. Wild.
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