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  1. One year ago today yesterday... Let's see what's everyone done since then...
  2. https://instagram.com/jordanthaartist?igshid=nhn91raitetg My mans Omos is a weeb and cultured. Got a Jujutsu Kaisen drawing in his story lol
  3. A lot of people on Dark aren't even signed lol AEW has a weird tier system, I mean Red Velvet wasn't even a full-time roster member until after the Shaq match.
  4. Can you tell this is Triple H's brand lol
  5. Is there any company she hasn't burned bridges with lol Guess that explains why Diamante started feuding with Thunder Rosa on her own on Dark.
  6. Keep seeing memes about the Bad Bunny 2022 tour. Apparently it's mad expensive lol
  7. Just noticed Bianca still has Sasha's sideplates lol
  8. Definitely, hopefully LA Knight too. MSK should definitely be in the default roster as they debuted back in January, but they are still pretty new. WALTER debuted in January and didn't get in at all last game.
  9. Swerve's finisher? It's been in for a while, under the Electric Chair moves. It's like right under the One Winged Angel. Though it's not the shortcut version he did tonight on NXT, it's the one he used on Lucha Underground.
  10. Swerve using his Lucha Underground finisher and not some stupid kick or stomp.
  11. I mean...he's been there the longest lol There was even that one time they teased he was going to 205 Live during the tourney Cedric won. But he's definitely moving up, right? They made it sound like he was leaving WWE.
  12. "Remember that one time we teamed at a live event? Good times." Cool moment, but they just kinda poo pooed on Franky Monet's debut lol
  13. Yeah, they just completely dropped Imperium kidnapping him and Dain lol They were both back on the Takeover preshows like nothing.
  14. KUSHIDA!!!!! I feel for Santos but it's long overdue for Kushida.
  15. Nooo Kushida. Pls go back to the shorts already.
  16. Why's the CWC so wack when it comes to MSK? They booing these boys for no reason.
  17. Time for a restaurant quality Picture-in-Picture with NXT and Dark.
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