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  1. JTG will also be on tomorrow to talk about Shad.
  2. Yeah, freaked me out hearing Macho talk normal lol Loved the Sting doc. Felt a lot like a modern day one. Everything looked clean too, I was surprised lol And why'd they have all that footage and never release it?
  3. Seeing Santana kick Big Game Leroy's Nintendo Switch out of his hands on Dark hurted my heart. And I'd imagine he isn't the first to do that, I can't imagine the damage his Switch has gone through. Sucks they didn't let him do any other spots with it besides that. It's like he was powerless without it lol We need more of the QT Marshall/Allie storyline on Dynamite. So good.
  4. Interesting choice to break up oVe completely, including the Crist Brothers. Joseph P. Ryan & Jake Crist will make an interesting incarnation of #CancelCulture until RVD & Katie Forbes come back. If you don't watch Impact, this must sound like gibberish/nonsense lmao TIL Impact still airs on Twitch at the same time as AXS TV. So y'all can watch there if you don't have the channel. I got AXS, but I think I'll stick with Twitch now and get some Melissa Santos commentary during the break. Great ad at the end for Slammiversary, teasing many debuts/returns.
  5. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    They tried but the comments ain't forget lol
  6. THE BIG MAN. All black attires mess with me, thought it was missing logos for a sec lmao Great legends attires as well. Wish I had room for all of them.
  7. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Old Ryker post: Yikes.
  8. So Gronk dropping the title was his last segment as he's now been released. What a run, longest reigning 24/7 champ. Legend.
  9. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Apparently they posted Ryker's address lol
  10. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    He bout to be extra forgotten in a sec.
  11. Ayo what happened to Jinder's big return lol
  12. Why'd they turn Raw Talk into an in-ring segment lol
  13. Did WWE forget about the intro edit for MVP where they just cut straight to the "I'm Comin'" part? It's so awkward playing the whole thing lol
  14. Kairi. Damn, they worked around her blood lol
  15. Why'd they play his music again lol KO looks like he's got a limp. Selling last week's match with Garza or still hurt from Mania?
  16. Zelina looks like a doll lol Rude. Pretty good video package for something that happened less than an hour ago. APOLLO. KO a great pick. Thought he would pick a personal friend like Tozawa/Ricochet.
  17. We don't want Raw Talk back, we want Talking Smack. I guess that's what WWE Backstage is for, but it's not the same as having that immediate reaction right after Smackdown lol
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