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  1. The TNA special was alright for what it was, but it's a shame it was really just a preview for the PPV that got postponed of course.
  2. Looks like a lot of people are watching the Royal Rumble replay on ESPN. Trending too.
  3. Happy to see Kylie Rae. I still don't fully understand why she left AEW, but I'm happy she's happy.
  4. Damn, I picked a bad night to be behind. Can't wait for TNA after Impact tonight!
  5. Mark Henry doesn't have his champion entrance assigned by default. Gotta show respect for my ECW World Champion.
  6. Dolph's first singles Mania match. Hype.
  7. MJF still has that ring, right? I was thinking they would defend that too like a title. Or at least in the feud with Cody, the man loves his rings lol
  8. Prob waiting til SD to give us SD news lol Or this SD was taped before Roman dipped and now they're like "*Censored* it."
  9. I miss Breezango. Big shame they didn't win the titles when they were at their peak with the Fashion Files.
  10. True, that is the worst part lol Shame cause his Heath Ledger attire is one of my favorites. Flashbacks to Brock calling Rey AMIGO every promo during this feud. He was as excited as a white woman saying gracias at a Mexican restaurant lmao
  11. Tried to erase this awful Joker cosplay outta my mind.
  12. Everybody using they government name out here smh.
  13. Burn It Down match. Winner must escape the PC before it burns to the ground.
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