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  1. Only watched about an hour, I'll finish tomorrow. But I love how D'Lo kinda sounds like Vampiro so with Striker this is the perfect commentary team lol
  2. Just noticed Peyton Royce doesn't have anything to do now that Lacey's doing the thing with Flair.
  3. If there were crowds, I could see Billie Kay getting very over right now.
  4. I need Nakamura to be champion one day.
  5. Legado Del Fantasma vs. Bollywood Boyz in round one. Heel vs. Heel, huh? Teams that advanced on 205 Live:
  6. Well, there you go for all the casual crybabies. Problem solved lol Still think we should get Roman-Pearce on SD.
  7. Does this mean the network will be 8K now as well?
  8. D-Bryan doing it right before he goes part time.
  9. Yup, simple but effective. He looked cool with the blood there for a sec lol
  10. Hmm I mean he is Puerto Rican. Maybe lol
  11. He's on Shinsuke's side, for now. D-Bry's on his last full time run and he still makes time to BS around with Alpha Academy.
  12. They really put Golden Gloves Boxing over Corbin's WWE accomplishments lol Let's see if "Ding Dong, Hello" is better than "The Waiting Room" lol
  13. I hate these Rey attires that look like he's got trunks over his tights. Ugly lol I'm guessing we're supposed to just forget about Murphy Mysterio by now lol
  14. Cesaro pls don't break our hearts.
  15. Old theme but they cut the intro why!!!
  16. Tf am I watching in VR or something lol
  17. I'm ready. Also when are we going to start reopening some archived threads? Lol
  18. I think Wandavision is pretty funny. Short episodes too so they'll be easy to digest. Happy we got 2 this week.
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