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  1. I just realized Shinsuke just gave up the crown and wasn't in the tournament itself to try and win it back. I think he should've defended it at the finals against the win. It's such bullshit, he looked naked without it on SD lmao
  2. WALTER does not want to move to the US I believe lol
  3. Just got home...personally, I really liked it! Definitely a great slasher film, but I can see why old school Halloween fans may not like the change in pace and just the different stuff they tried in general. Fun movie, now the countdown to Halloween Ends begins!
  4. So the reason why this match happened on the Buy-In was because this match was the first time a quarter of NXT beat AEW. And apparently the match people pointed to when they tried saying Tay was a bad signing. Crazy how much she's grown.
  5. Date: 13 November 2021, 8 PMET/5 PMPT Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Venue: Target Center AEW World Championship Singles Match Kenny Omega (c) w/ Don Callis vs. Hangman Adam Page AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals Singles Match TBD vs. TBD
  6. Roddy's entrance last night with the Diamond Mine flag, the fancy nameplate, title under his jacket...too clean lol
  7. Bryan-Suzuki was a classic. I just wish the Miami crowd wasn't so obnoxious, almost ruined it for me.
  8. I thought Hulu would have SD up by next morning. Guess not.
  9. Why did they wait a month after they signed him live on Dark lol
  10. Wasn't he on the Superstar Spectacle thing for India? I guess we could still count this as his NXT debut in a way lol
  11. Does it look bad on TV? Can't watch rn since I don't have FS1 lol
  12. She shit on his dumb neck here lol
  13. First half hour of Rampage will also be commercial free lmao
  14. I think I'll just have to go in with low expectations but *Censored* it I'm still hyped. In other news, my 4K copy of the original Halloween just came in. It looks beautiful.
  15. 205 built different without the weight limit now lmao
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