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  1. I wonder how this is going to be pulled off. Like the stip is to literally rip out of the other person's eye lmao
  2. Now I just need a better MVP lol
  3. Thanks. Can't find it, but I have the logos anyway. Is everyone doing the logos on the strap method? Couldn't find plates that fit perfectly so I just hid them lol
  4. I was thinking the same. Damn, looks way nicer lol They could always go the TNT title route and say it is unfinished lol
  5. Yeah I've heard they've just been home and have even stayed in seperate rooms this whole time.
  6. I know it was a one night thing, but I love that Heath got to come back ripped like Drew and Jinder did.
  7. https://twitter.com/newLEGACYslip/status/1280324521715793923?s=19 https://twitter.com/ScrewballSq/status/1280316859003187200?s=19 No preview cause
  8. You 17 days early. Nah but it does look good here though lol
  9. Oh baby, I wanna see M form the Beat Down Clan on Raw already.
  10. So is Christian not coming out of retirement or do I have to wait until SummerSlam?
  11. Still wanna see this lol
  12. Hmm did Kairi have facepaint during her match? I don't think so lol Love the recorder gimmick ngl lmao
  13. Waiting on the fancy photoshoot with the new title.
  14. I wanna see Andrade w/ Ric Flair so bad. New Legacy? El Legado Del Orton.
  15. The ref didn't have to give the title to MVP tho lol Remember last year when Ceddy should've definitely been next in line after AJ? Lol
  16. The CHAMPION font looks straight from the 2013 WWE title with the scratch logo before they debuted the Network logo one lol Maybe someone made it in 2K and thought it looked good lmao
  17. They should really hold a poll between the wrestlers before debuting a new title design. I remember I think Hurricane shared that DX were showing off the penny tag titles backstage like 6 months before they officially debuted it. Everyone thought it was hideous, but they debuted it anyway. Wtf?
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