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  1. Rip everyone that wanted Butcher from The Boys to play him lol
  2. One of the rare Saturday PLEs and one of the rare times I work Saturday. Pain.
  3. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    If Poppy jumps ship, NXT Black & Gold is truly and forever dead.
  4. First thing I see opening the app is Impact's Gisele Shaw holding the Progress Women's Championship. Kinda cool lol Does that make her the first trans champ in WWE or not really?
  5. Are some of the banner trons broken or is my game trippin'? Carmella, KO's, Shotzi and Sonya (I may be missing some) have plain white trons.
  6. The Usos Theory Bianca Belair Ronda Rousey Seth Rollins Liv Morgan
  7. New champ for those that keep their champions up to date lol And I believe Ricochet is still the LRLR champion.
  8. We gotta preserve Christian's body. I ain't tryna lose him again. Do it once for the memes lmao
  9. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    I know she's probably going back to Japan, but TK please, throw all your money at her and book a strong women's division.
  10. I don't think he'll be wrestling on a weekly basis, nor should he lol
  11. He been limping on that for as long as I can remember. It worries me lol
  12. I think it was on a Uranage or something, but he landed awkwardly on his leg.
  13. Santana gets hurt on a regular move. Damn.
  14. A year ago, 2point0 were struggling to get off of 205 Live. This is cool.
  15. Tay Conti should be in this too with Sara Del Rey on the other team. In an alt universe.
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