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  1. They couldn't wait til this to move Mandy (and Braun?) Lol
  2. Why'd they include the IC title as one of Randy's world titles lol
  3. Yeah. Meltzer mentioned 2 matches are off the show. Damn.
  4. Asuka Street Profits Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura Riott Squad Bayley Bobby Lashley Roman Reigns Randy Orton Sami Zayn
  5. I feel like Sami's a private guy about his personal life and didn't want AJ to drop a bombshell on Talking Smack like him being a new father??? Lol Joseph Park broke AJ.
  6. They have been killing it lol Mia is destroying pervert neckbeards too. Mercedes isn't playing around though, hasn't even changed her Twitter.
  7. One of them spoiled Keith Lee winning the NXT title like a week in advance on their IG story so yeah lol
  8. They did a good job making me wanna see Jey Uso as champ. 205 time. Surprised Mansoor isn't in Retribution with his boys Dio and Thorne lol Nigel and Saxton. "Like Hobbs and Shaw but not so much Fast and Furious."
  9. "Let Me In" will never be the same again.
  10. Having Talking Smack the next morning still sucks. Why tf would I still care about SD tomorrow lmao
  11. Damn, mad pyro. She still gonna have all that when she goes 100% Fiend waifu?
  12. So like what's stopping Corey Graves from managing Corbin? They're good friends and I always thought they could be a good pair. I guess they want someone who can bump but *Censored* it. And if Corey loves commentary that much, I feel like the door is also open for him.
  13. I hope this is the end of this feud but probably not lol
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