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  1. So that's their name lol Sounds good here but shit live for some reason.
  2. Crunchyroll I think you can watch for free with ads a week after the episode airs lol
  3. That is odd lol Well, it is on their app, if you don't mind sitting through 4 ads on one break and 7 ads on the next break lmao
  4. This keeps happening in Tay Conti's matches...happened when she was on NXT too lol
  5. Did you search for it as "Biography" or "WWE"? It didn't come up for me under WWE on their app.
  6. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Yup, 9 seasons and counting. Just mentioned that cause he was in a lot of the early episodes always delivering bad news and people hated him lmao
  7. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Looks like we found our culprit. Huge loss for Total Divas lol
  8. Woah, Total Divas star Mark Carrano???
  9. I wanna know who's in charge of picking the Greatest Moments they play whenever they go to commercial on Twitch...Cause they do play some good stuff usually from the early days between 2002-2009. And the Steiner Math promo playing almost weekly pops me every time. But then there's other moments like The Beautiful People confronting The Dollhouse or Angelina Love winning the title by DQ? I don't mean to poopoo on the Knockouts cause they did have some great moments in the early days...but these stick out like a sore thumb.
  10. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Heartbreaking thread.
  11. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Nice, they don't usually take this kind of action this quickly.
  12. So that nasty Petey cut happened on BTI, the preshow of all things lol *GRAPHIC*
  13. New Japan also made an attempt at an anime a few years back with Tiger Mask W. They even had Kota Ibushi wrestle as the character for a couple months while the show was on. I recommend that on Crunchyroll if you haven't seen it yet. Might still be on NJPW World too but I haven't checked in a while lol
  14. I remember people weren't that into Io's original babyface gimmick when she first debuted. Give her time.
  15. They didn't do 1.4, that was just where they peaked last week when Tyson appeared but it was still 1.2 overall. Relax lol
  16. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    They be disrespecting legends a lot. Smh.
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