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  1. Last year's Benoit part 2 was uploaded to YouTube the next day around 4pm ET. The rest was on Vice ofc.
  2. Oh man, that last scene in the season finale really pulled on the heart strings lol
  3. I like the little bits of the Shield in there lol
  4. TIL PWG has been on hiatus for so long...that The Rascalz (MSK) are still their tag team champs for over 1000 days now. Also Bandido from ROH has been champion there for 500+ days now as well lol Reminds me of the Bollywood Boyz being the last GFW tag champs before they did the Cruiserweight Classic and then Jarrett rebranded Impact as GFW that one year but didn't have tag champs lol
  5. I heard he's doing good work nowadays. Happy for him. Remember when they apparently had a Nexus reunion planned for Mania last year before the pandemic? 🥲🥲🥲
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