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  1. DO NOT reset your teams. If you go to Edit Superstars, you'll see the game already recognizes them as a team. Just use them and they'll come out together despite me not putting the team together.
  2. I also noticed if you go to edit superstars, they are listed as a team despite them not being there under my tag teams. But if you use them, they do come out together with their entrance and victory motion. Reminds me of Big E not being in the New Day group, but they do all come out together if you chose all three.
  3. Missed that call. They're giving em the Stone Cold treatment lol
  4. They fixed tag/trios entrances not working when using a teammate as a manager.
  5. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    I wonder who the heat's with. I think Becky may be one since the Four Horsewomen all have this weird fallout with each other (most notably Becky/Charlotte) except for Sasha/Bayley lol
  6. BULLIV CLUB. New Alexa theme and trons the same day she got patched into 2K22.
  7. Oh idk if they fixed this with the new patch, but I've noticed middle rope signatures/finishers are broken lol
  8. Liv ain't forget how Bullet Club took their sweet ass time to save her last week lmao Jinny's 1st main roster appearance is a Top 10 IG posts segment with Gunther showing off he won. Crazy.
  9. I hope eventually T-Bar helps out in this Ali storyline and reverts back to Dijak.
  10. So they took the Strowman/Big Show spot instead lmao I remember when Kane sent RVD through the cage and they restarted that bitch.
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