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  1. Somehow missed the announcement of NWA Powerrr coming to Fite.tv for $5 a month. I don't know how to feel about it but I understand why they did it. I will watch the PPV too at least. One piece of good news though.
  2. Hmm this Thursday could be it lol
  3. Twitch sucking ass for anyone else right now?
  4. I like how they just discovered they can make everyone feel bigger by not giving enhancement talents entrances anymore lol Which kinda made JD Drake's entrance feel special here, despite just coming out to the Dynamite instrumental theme. Steven Stetson is basically Stan Hanson in Wrestling Empire lol He wants to be him and JBL bad.
  5. Probably, but they'll never take that win away from him. He'll forever be in the record books as WWE world champion. Plus, they'd be stupid not to give him another reign in the future.
  6. It's crazy that the dude just loves to be there and hang out. He's like a kid in a candy store I'd imagine lol
  7. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    The charity is apparently to get more women into Christianity lol
  8. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    The Randy Orton/Soulja Boy beef lol T-Bar is in there too. Not WWE, but Joey Ryan is back and tryna throw a women's charity event lol
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