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  1. Let's go. Has Ciampa had a Takeover match since returning?
  2. I hope on Tuesday, Omega bumps into some GOOD BROTHERS... I'm pissed Gallows is injured now lmao
  3. Ngl Sting's debut is my most replayed moment of the night. But yeah, I'm just curious why the hell they signed him on for to a MULTI-YEAR deal? Can he still go? Did he go to see Edge's miracle doctors? What's up? And can Tyson Kidd be next? Heal him too. Good matches here in the comments. LET'S GO.
  4. Lol Wade called the Coffin Drop.
  5. I wish I wasn't so aware of all that news about Sting's merch getting pulled and then getting released cause I've been anticipating this since Full Gear lol But it was still a very cool, surreal moment. My brother didn't know so I guess it was cooler seeing his reaction lol
  6. Match was alright, I think I was mostly hyped to see Omega bust out the classics we haven't seen in a while lol My only complaint really is that it just took a *censored*ing microphone to get the job done. Could've used a better weapon, maybe they thought brass knuckles would be too similar to Shawn Spears' glove thing...I don't know. But the fury of V-Triggers after made up for it.
  7. Sting signs full-time, multi-year agreement.
  8. On BTE, Matt is doing his heel "ICONIC" Matt Hardy character. I hope it transitions to TV and sticks with it, cause I think it could generate some decent heat.
  9. Don dropped the ball and didn't plug their Twitch too. That's where I watch Impact even though I got AXS lol
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