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  1. Someone do that shaking meme with this or whatever they do on Twitter.
  2. Felt weird seeing Dream again. Idk I think his image is ruined tor me lol
  3. I knew something was gonna happen. But something goofy like slime or something lmao "WHERE'S KROSS?" pose gonna get meme'd lol
  4. You would think after SD, they'd have something better for them on Raw but nah. They were almost like an afterthought, when they should be taking them seriously after something like that??? It's so weird. Raw Underground also felt tame compared to last week.
  5. Good debut for Brian Myers. So Rich Swann didn't actually retire, right? Lol
  6. Ahhh I do know her. Yeah kinda weird to change it if people know her.
  7. Not familiar with Lil Swole but I like the team lol Finally seeing Dasha wrestle after all these years lol
  8. Has Shawn Spears wrestled on Dynamite since Tully gave him the loaded glove? That gimmick is so ridiculous lol Welp it's somehow made him one of the most winningest wrestlers on Dark.
  9. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Damn that's horrible.
  10. Good stuff. My brother picked up a SSJB Gogeta from Barnes and Noble randomly...it's a giant compared to my others lol
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