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  1. There was a Veer vignette? Lol
  2. I saw Reggie on SD, but I don't remember him getting drafted over there lmao
  3. Oh shit, oh *Censored*. Damn, I can totally see Big E having a short reign unfortunately. Especially since they already blew their load with Big E/Roman and New Day/Bloodline before the Draft even.
  4. Did Corey call him Kevin Steen lol *Censored*
  5. Surprised he hasn't used this in a while lol
  6. Idk how KO does it, man. I pick up boxes wrong at work and I'm feeling it for a week. Stop bro, please.
  7. Big E wild for watching TV like that.
  8. Tribute to his friend GOLDBERG.
  9. Yeah, just a shame he isn't over as he once was in NXT and no crowds now would sing along to it.
  10. It's kinda crazy tbh considering how polished Theory is in comparison. Selfies, yes. Model, no lol
  11. How they gonna use Keith Lee's new theme in the vignette and then again when he comes out right after lol Bearcat Lee doesn't sound too bad if they ever decide to drop his first name.
  12. Priest hit T-Bar with his former partner, Reckoning lol Carmella, my god....Booba.
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