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  1. A week before AEW in Jersey and 2 weeks before AEW's stadium show in NY.
  2. They gave Reed and Kross generic champion entrances 2 & 3. At least Reed got the camera shake when he did his stomp...but Kross got no black & white filter and no Scarlett. He looks so lost. I guess it's true that they're giving Scarlett her own tryout and the two will be separated on the main roster. Shame. Reed looked better tbh, his was just a straight squash though. Kross and Benjamin did not mesh well and looked kinda sloppy at times. Plus I don't think the gladiator shit is a good look at all, but who knows what Vince thinks. I do think they're both coming up regardless in the Draft. They need fresh faces on the roster now.
  3. Shawn "needed money." Ridiculous.
  4. Lars is a big wrestling fan, no? I can see him giving his blessing.
  5. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    RIP. Her and Sabu were everywhere together if you've ever seen him wrestle in recent years.
  6. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Isn't it his real name???
  7. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Tbh he could've done a couple shows as "Florida Man" first lmao
  8. Same company that cut back on any and all pyro just a couple years ago to save some money.
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