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  1. Drew McIntyre Charlotte Flair Braun Strowman The Undertaker The Fiend Shayna Baszler Edge Sasha Banks Kevin Owens Daniel Bryan The Usos Street Profits Elias Aleister Black Dolph Ziggler Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross
  2. Thought that was kinda cool tbh. I hope we get an Ultimate Deletion type match from this or from AJ/Taker but I'm not keeping my hopes up.
  3. Dudes, c'mon. Also, Cole calling a Guillotine Hold a Dragon Sleeper lol Although Gulak is reminding me more and more of Bryan circa 2011, now even taking his finisher from back then.
  4. Has Bryan-Nakamura been done before or are they just wasting it here? This was a dream match once upon a time.
  5. Better than Ali Fortune Fighter on 2K.
  6. All Night Tucker Knight is back.
  7. That hacker thing has Ali's circle from his glove.
  8. I would've gladly paid for it on Disney+ to watch it from home.
  9. New Day straight up got Dragon Balls on their shirts lol I still need to get their Ginyu Force shirt from a while back.
  10. Damn, saw that but didn't realize who he was. Devastating.
  11. Yeah, it just ain't feel right without all the Mania week activities. Also, I opened a new tab and a news article popped up with "These superstars are guarenteed to lose at Mania" and their names in the title. *Censored*, I really hope results aren't out there. Damn.
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