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  1. They can't. Every year they start out hot, then implode after week 5. Just watch.
  2. The cardinals always start out hot, for like the past 5 years. They'll simmer down real quick. The Bengals have a nice defense, but I don't think their tricky-bullshit offense will be able to last much longer, especially since basically their entire team is injury prone. The Eagles are the only team I think could run the gauntlet. They definitely have their fare share of kinks to work out. They've been basically useless in the first 30 minutes of football for the first 3 games. They'll eventually face someone who won't let them back in the game. Especially since Shady is getting more and more knicked up.
  3. The colts should have played better, if they played better than the missed penalties wouldn't have been an issue. Facts.
  4. said the colts fan. if you're blaming a loss on the refs, you're just making excuses. if the colts had a run game, they probably woulda own, had they handed the ball to Bradshaw more they woulda own, had luck not thrown that pick. they woulda own. it's on the colts. not the refs.
  5. The worst part is that it's mostly the stadium design. You put that exact stadium in Pittsburgh, Minnesota or maybe even Oakland and you'd have similar results. The 12th man is almost entirely the architect of the stadium.
  6. Why any of you think the Vikings will be passing the ball is beyond me.. The Vikes offense still lives and dies with All Day. Doesn't matter who is handing him the ball.
  7. So, we playing fantasy football again this year, gentlemen?
  8. Man, just looked at the Patriots entire roster for the first time since the draft.. The defensive line makes me excited. Looks lethal on paper. Wilforks back, Kelly is back, obviously easley is still recovering but he will be a freak on the interior, armstead is gonna actually play, silinga was stout last year, chris jones got after the passer consistently, and those are just the tackles. It's gonna be a Defensive year in new england.
  9. Could it be because for the first time in years they had a good draft? Shows you truly how bad Al Davis was with personnel. If he'd let his staff draft and control the money, who knows where they'd be.
  10. Kelvin Benjamin - Athletic freak. Can catch any pass you throw to him. Not very fast, but size makes him a ridiculous red zone threat. Kony Ealy - good pass rusher, could be excellent in a year or two. will take over immediately if hardy or Johnson gets hurt again. Trai Turner - potentially great lineman. versatile enough to play tackle or guard Tre Boston - very quick, fast safety, not great in the run game or zone coverage, could potentially be a nickle or slot corner Bene Benwikere - average athleticism, good in zone, no threat in the run game, nickle corner at best, best scenario could see a move to free safety where he doesn't have to meet people at the line of scrimmage. Tyler Gaffney - under-rated. not elite at anything, just good at everything, very good receiver out of the backfield just what i've learned from all the scouting reports ive read
  11. Sam will make a beastly 3 technique if he can put on some poundage. The guy is jacked already, so I guess its just more about fattening up. He doesn't have the length to play traditional End, nor the speed to play OLB. Too bad Aaron Donald is miles ahead of him or else he might get a look at the 3 tech.
  12. Good for Michael Sam. Truth betold, I wanted him to not get drafted in hopes my patriots could scoop him up. Guy is a beast pass rusher. But, we didn't have to sit there and watch the straight 255 players kiss their girlfriends seven times. Justsaying.
  13. I am only truly excited about Easley. Every other one of the Patriots picks has that EH feeling to it. Not a single player that I actually wanted. Theres looking to be a boatload of UDFAs that have a future in this league.
  14. Katherine Webb to Cincinatti!!! .. I mean AJ McCarron... no I don't. I really mean Katherine Webb.
  15. Basically, his pro workouts were awful. why you were seeing him ranked highly was because of his collegant game tape. plus, there is the whole glove thing.
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