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    Bryan Danielson/Sara Del Rey
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    Alice In Chains The Aliens Animal Collective Arcade Fire The Beatles Beck Blink 182 Blue Sky Death Boards of Canada Del Enter Shikari Epica Fleet Foxes Goodspeed You! Black Emperor Gorillaz Grizzly Bear Hot Chip J Dilla Johnny Cash The Killers Ladytron Lightening Bolt Mastodon M83 My Bloody Valentine Mogwai Nightwish Panic At the Disco Pantera Pearl Jam Pendulum Pink Floyd Porcupine Tree Radiohead Taking Back Sunday Thrice Tool White Stripes The Who
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    PS3, 360, and a Wii
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    Ring of Honor
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    Not telling
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    Sunny side up eggs. :3
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    House M.D.
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  1. Hmm I'm fairly knew to the forum so I'll introduce myself. My name's Gerardo I turned 15 this past February and really loving life as of late. I enjoy making graphics in my spare time and am an avid gamer, I play CIV,Elderscrolls,AoF, the most though. I'm currently a student just trying to get by with my grades but I've been trying harder lately. I do love the wrestling scene and I am somewhat knowledgeable and opinionated about I believe in. I do watch anime and my favourite one currently has to be Deathnote/Bleach/Fullmetal Alchemist. I love music and really will listen to anything, my favourite bands as of late are Panic at the Disco, The Killers, and Levity Sky. Hope to make some new friends here, cheers
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