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  1. wow these are fantastic. nice to see old school creations alive and well
  2. update i put this back in the other day as those story dlc went on cheap so i made an Edge edit 2002 era roughly . I also made a quick color change to bigelow i wanted to put logos on the stomach and cover up the triple b but when covering it if left a white outline when i changed the design to black. So i said screw it. Oh HBK WM14 has also been tweaked i fixed the logos they are in ring logos but needed some slight color work.
  3. creep: glad you like them but I only have wcw version warrior uploaded now as mainevent15 and i don't compete with one another. You guys know him as champion15 i think on these boards. Purple Undertaker with Mask kinda a hybrid of 94-96 as i didn't like the shirts so i made a combo of those years. can't figure out which mask i want to use on taker went with mask one
  4. Thanks Fight me, much appreciated. JLJM: He was uploaded but 2k deleted him off the servers so i ended up putting another creation on. I switch the creations around once a week or so or when 2k deletes them. I only leave up a handful that don't change anymore. But i'll try and get him uploaded again soon just keep checking.
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