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  1. Hey yo all. I'm kind of back doing movesets for fun updating ones to my liking. Uploading to PSN. Tags: Smacktalks, Rewmac Currently uploaded: AJ Styles Kevin Nash Roman Reigns
  2. Christian, Edge, Kevin Owens are all reuploaded.
  3. I do have a Ps4 Ain't nobody said I don't. I just choose to play the game on the One I'm uploading Christian and Edge tonight.
  4. I've uploaded some new movesets. Most of my old ones got deleted. I'm doing Daniel Bryan now so he should be up in a couple of days. Reupped Nash, Reigns, HBK.
  5. I used to be like that when I was making mass amounts of sets like 2 years ago. Took out the fun of the Universe mode for me. Now I'm doing it when I feel something is missing or I'm in the mood. I'm not forcing anything anymore. I feel better with my sets this way too.
  6. I still use those top move videos to help me find what matches I should be watching in whatever era I'm working on. Helps me break down the era I need and what matches to binge watch and study for whatever move set I'm working on. I don't make sets based soley on a video since it's a hodge podge of random moves in different times and places. The closes I ever did was like a top 50 or 60 moves of the great Khali cause I thought it was funny. I meant that I'm not doing mine strictly from those. I check these for matches and in the end to put some moves in. In the end it's the moveset I make for my liking like most of here. There are really no rules in what we can do I do my own myself aswell. Probably seen my topic already floating around. It's funny because I also did that in WWE 13 and thought I was doing great movesets but learned how terrible they actually were. People don't really download quality, just what's available Because it takes time. Most people are just want to play the game with an okay moveset and I understand that. I did around 13 and those were my glory days 12 and 13. I did shitload of movesets. I just don't think about moves that much nowdays. If I see something that should be in I put it in
  7. I don't know I don't really search for movesets nowdays. I go with mine and some others with mine I take it slow to make it as realstic as possible. I mean I used to do these crazy movesets based on Top Moves videos from youtube years ago. Funny thing is I had mass amount of downloads. Updated Kevin Nash moveset uploaded along with an Erick Rowan one that is in it's first phase.
  8. Sting and Ambrose more polished versions are up.
  9. Cheers. Well I'm going basic this time. No crazy shit. Trying to be realistic as possible. So just because some once used a move it doesn't mean that I'm gonna but it in and for good reason. I'm still fine tuning the ones I have, but I'm planning to finish by friday. Then start new ones.
  10. Thanks. I'm currently polishing my recent uploadds and will try to get Goldust, Samy Zayn, Sting 91' up soon. I only have 5 slots so it's gonna take time. I'm also working on Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Ryback and Kane.
  11. I'm back for this year with my movesets. Some of you may or may not remember me, but I planning to make movesets for everybody on the roster. My uploads will be for Xbox One, but once I sort the youtube thing out I'll be uploading clips as well. All my uploads have been tagged: Rewmac Uploaded to Xbox Live on Xbox One: Dean Ambrose Erick Rowan Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash Sting '99
  12. I was looking through some newer finished short animes, but I couldn't find something with enough quality swordplay
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