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  • Birthday 02/22/1993

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    Ryan Blaze. Oh, wait.
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    I like everything really. I'm open minded.
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    Peanut butter covered in peanut butter drizzled in BBQ sauce.
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    Pretty fly for a white guy
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    google and me loll
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    pm me yo
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    pm me yo

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    Oh, Canada!
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    I like taking long walks on the beach, reading poetry to a loved one near the warm crackles of the fireplace, volunteering time at animal shelters to help save and better the lives of small majestic animals such as puppies, kittens and bunny rabbits. I also love Twilight and anything by the author of The Notebook. One Direction really touches my heart.

    ladies hit me up yo.

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  1. AlphaBeta

    KS Showcase 2019

    Damn! Looks dope dude. I need to get back on the CAW wagon lol Edit: Id like to second what Ozzy said, looks like hes bulked up for sure.
  2. AlphaBeta

    KS Showcase 2019

    Im in Xbox, but yes.
  3. AlphaBeta

    KS Showcase 2019

    Give us the lion, or give us death.
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