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  • Birthday 07/19/1992

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    Chris Jerichoooo
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    Many, many genres of music. Mainly depends on my mood.
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    Full time Student, Part time McPloyee
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    Cheap Stuff
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    Simpsons, WWE, Family Guy, Futurama
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    Good ol' England
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    Micro-ing, Football, And other stuff.
  1. My Name is Masson, and i am from bournemouth, near portsmouth which is in south england... my favourite past time is spinning hats down the roof of the local recreation centre, which is always a good laugh...
  2. backstage roaming on the ds is confirmed... maybe that shows the return of the backstage fighting? they hardly ever take matched backstage anyways...
  3. /\/\/\ he said attributes, not attires... i hate the attrib. system!
  4. he deserves it... he was in wwe for 7 years, and wcw for 2 years, wen it was in its prime, he was a 4 time tag champ, 2 time light heavyweight champ, and the last one, the wcw cruserwieght champ (whilst it was in wwf) and a 2 time euro champion. thats only in the wwe, so he well deserves to be in, especially since dx r on the cover
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