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  1. You remind me of a friend that I have. It's like you, except that it's not a psycho and that it's a guy.

  2. You remind me of someone...

  3. Hey girl, I just passed to say Hi and Good Night.

  4. She's holding one of her fingers.

  5. To answer your question, the "girl's" name is Kate Beckinsale.

  6. I just passed to say "Hi"... so Hi!

  7. Here working during summer. It's not really stimulating.

  8. Hello? Anybody here?

  9. I'm interested in the storyline for "A Shot At Love". I guess I have what it takes to make the storyline flow. (this sounds like a job application!)

  10. Because all points that you are a girl who likes men and women at the same time.

  11. I came to say "Hi", so... Hi!

    Ps. I guess that your "unknown" gimmick it's kinda pointless.

  12. WHOA! You're almost as old as Randy!

    Ps. I like your sig.

  13. Just came to leave a comment and say "Happy Birthday".

  14. The bad thing is that I already did them, by my way, but I did them. Some works more and I'm done.

  15. Here, kinda busy. I have to do a work for the History class and a test for the Pre-Calculus class for tomorrow.

  16. Just came to say "Hola" to you.

  17. By now, you're the chick that knows more about wrestling that I know in this site.

    Ps. The Orton thing about changing straight guys into gays is true. I saw it. I'M NOT KIDDING.

  18. The "boredom" thing was because I was sleepy when I wrote the message and the "responsability" was because I had to made an essay for today. To summarize, I was bored and in a hurry when I wrote to you last night.

  19. Boredom and responsability made me to say you hi.

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