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  1. Don't make me go Jericho on you.

  2. I hope you had fun last night at the PPV. By the reviews I saw, it was a good show.

  3. Really? Awesome! Just make sure that they show you this time.

  4. That has to suck bad. Now, I'm really sorry for not talking to you when you have the time. It's just lack of coordination from me, I guess. I like to talkto you, but everytime I show up, you're already gone. I'm really sorry.

  5. So you're free until Friday, eh?

  6. OK, maybe I'm critizing men a bit too much.

  7. (sigh) Why people have to be so into men? I mean, most of them are ugly and others look ... femenine.

  8. It's OK. At least you don'have men in here. That's good.

  9. What happened to the wallpaper?

  10. Gee, nobody had left you a comment in a while...

  11. So your birthday is tomorrow, eh? Have a happy one beforehand.

  12. It's good to have a happy customer.

  13. So you liked the descriptions, eh?

  14. No, I was just clicking away.

  15. Happy B-Day, man. I hope Mickie can blow your candles.

  16. Sometimes I do that question myself... ... ... lol

  17. For some reason, I like your page.

  18. (looks to the left) CARIBES! AHI!

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPW70sgrHiY

    I told you that I was going to post it during this time.

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