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  1. "Bury the Light" by Casey Edwards and Victor Borba
  2. I'm feeling skeptical about the whole feud with the 4 Horsewomen going on. Sure, they have chemistry and they put up great performances together but them fighting each other makes me feel that the rest of the women's division might fall behind if they don't "keep up" with them.
  3. "All my Life" by MIYAVI (featuring HYDE)
  4. If "The Man" was a title to be defended instead of a nickname, Edge would be the official holder of the rights to be called "The Man".
  5. Penny Dreadful season 2, episode 5. Damn you, Timothy Dalton.
  6. Orphan Black. I'm convinced that this show is gonna end me.
  7. Moon Child I just 2 hours of my life watching things happen and nothing else.
  8. This looks different...

  9. Happy birthday if you read this.

  10. Eh, dealing with college stuff, mostly. Thanks, by the way.

  11. Gracias por las felicitaciones.

  12. By the way, where did you took Krystal's comment from?

  13. Thanks for the greeting and a late happy birthday to you as well.

  14. Thanks for the congratulations, man. Really appreciated.

  15. How does HE do it, ladies and gentlemen? How does he make it look SO easy?

  16. It was just a random guess.

  17. I just added a sentence. No big deal.

  18. Now you know. Maybe she'll wrestle Katie Lea or maybe local talent. That event is on the works now.

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