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    Lower Midcard
  • Birthday 11/25/1984

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    Sinn Bodhi, Bray Wyatt
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    Anything that sends a chill up your spine, like Eternal Flame by The Bangles.
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    Grocery store
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    Nintendo, N64, PS1, PS2, Snes, Gamcube, GB, GBA, DS, PSP. PS3
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    Hot Dog
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    A Haunting, Supernatural
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    Stavern, Norway
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    The paranormal and Horror movies.
  1. What the topic says, if someone could give it to me, that would be wonderful.
  2. I know I asked for Erick Rowan, but can you please do a moveset for The Bludgeon Brothers?
  3. I got Paige, I would love to switch to Kairi.
  4. Can I join as Erick Rowan please?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIYsKtvSHrs Damn it Kairi, why can't I get your song out of my head.
  6. That isn't for you, it's for a CAW. Damn, killed all of his good vibes. It's ok, it didn't bother me at all.......
  7. Nice to see you back. It would mean a lot to me if you could do a Erick Rowan moveset.
  8. To be honest, Powerslam 5 did not work, since it's like Randy Ortons powerslam, but powerslam 4 worked, it didn't matter if it was slow. Thank you so much, can I ask you if you can work on an updated moveset for Erick Rowan while you're at it?
  9. Can someone tell me a good substitue for Erick Rowans New finisher? At 1:43
  10. I actually wish Asuka could wrestle like this, that would be soo epic.
  11. RIP Mr. Fuji you were one of my favourite managers in the good old times. I will miss you.
  12. The full roster may have been revealed: (Delete if this has already been posted)
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