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  1. Weekly defences would be too much, and too hampering for a weekly show that has to run all year without fail. Shows like that needs to be able to change overtime, and they don't need the hassle of people saying "you said you'd defend it every week!!!!111!!!!" when they decide to move in another direction. No need to be too strict on yourself, that's not a good thing.
  2. Nah I dont think hes meant to actually be Ryan Hurst lol. Idk if I want TWD to be that meta.
  3. Then they change the name of the belt, not that hard to do.
  4. Can't tell if you're joking or I missed something in the episode.
  5. I just realised that although TNT is the name of the Network, it's also a synonym for Dynamite. I don't love the name for the new title, but that's a pretty smart way of naming a TV title.
  6. Either Darby wins the tournament and has a feel good moment at the end, or Sammy or MJF should steal it. Not keen on the name, but a mid card belt is great.
  7. You complain about needless shit every week without fail
  8. First thing I watched was The Incredibles. Haven't seen it since 2004. I'm a little disappointed with the library, though. Considering everything they bought from FOX, there is surprisingly little on there for now.
  9. Super sad that Danai has to leave, I feel like Michonne embodies the essence of the show. Great episode though.
  10. Well not really. He combined his nickname with the Nightmare Family...which they are both in.
  11. I work in a department store that does some food and medicine, so Im still waiting to hear if I'm classed as a key worker or not. It's a nightmare. Stay safe everyone.
  12. Maybe they aren't overly familiar with spanish idk
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