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  1. Justice League: The New Frontier
  2. I know I said that I would never speak of this game again but, this is too hilarious.
  3. South Park- (The 1st ManBearPig episode) He was super cereal.
  4. Laura Bailey did the voice for Abby!? I didn't even know. The LoU2 memes are hilarious but, this takes things way too far.
  5. I thought this was only happening to me! I got it twice 2 too.
  6. I've washed my hands of this "what was supposed to be" a franchise. I will never speak of this thing again. The gameplay is exactly the same as the first that came out over 7 years ago, which isn't a problem since the original was awesome. The shit ass writing is the problem. Now an IGN karen is calling everyone virgins for not liking the game. Naughty Doggystyle clearly paid IGN to give good early reviews. It's IGN, is anyone surprised by this? Btw the IGN karen I'm talking about is Lucy o'Brien. I'm looking forward to Crash 4, thank GOD Naughty Doggystyle no longer owns him. I will enjoy all of the memes as ND and this game gets destroyed.
  7. I recently finished Spidey PS4's main campaign and I'm doing the DLC's now. I will definitely be getting the PS5 one.
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