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  1. I thought this was only happening to me! I got it twice 2 too.
  2. I've washed my hands of this "what was supposed to be" a franchise. I will never speak of this thing again. The gameplay is exactly the same as the first that came out over 7 years ago, which isn't a problem since the original was awesome. The shit ass writing is the problem. Now an IGN karen is calling everyone virgins for not liking the game. Naughty Doggystyle clearly paid IGN to give good early reviews. It's IGN, is anyone surprised by this? Btw the IGN karen I'm talking about is Lucy o'Brien. I'm looking forward to Crash 4, thank GOD Naughty Doggystyle no longer owns him. I will enjoy all of the memes as ND and this game gets destroyed.
  3. I recently finished Spidey PS4's main campaign and I'm doing the DLC's now. I will definitely be getting the PS5 one.
  4. I came home from work to a nice treat today. Spiderman PS4 was in my mailbox. I know I'm gonna enjoy this.
  5. For the GotY Edition? On PS4 it says it's like $40 now. I guess I missed out on a recent sale. Eh, doesn't matter since I just bought an ebay copy earlier, so I ended up getting a decent deal for that edition anyway. I've been strictly buying games either from the console or ebay for the past few years now because I refuse to ever set foot in a Gamestop ever again.
  6. I just bought a copy of this on ebay for $26. Since I recently finished RE2 Remake (which was fking awesome!!!), it was time to grab another game I've missed out on. I'm probably gonna grab RE3 Remake after I finish Spider-Man.
  7. I just bought Resident Evil 2 Remake Deluxe Edition from the PS Mega March sale and am downloading it now. I wasn't able to afford this when it came out and I'm glad I was able to get it during this sale. I recently played through and enjoyed the RE3 demo and will be certainly be grabbing the full game of that next month too but, I figured I may as well run through this one first. I've been on a Resident Evil kick for the past few years now and have been playing through all of the games. I was actually never into the RE games until just a few years ago and I don't know why I've been missing out.
  8. I'm not too concerned about the continuation of the Super anime being made because they've still been releasing the manga chapters on a monthly basis and I've been enjoying them so far. The latest chapter was released last week.
  9. Where? In the hub world? I would recommend watching someone else's playthrough of Generations on youtube or something. I gave my nephew my copy years ago. I honestly didn't know it was possible to get stuck anywhere in that game.
  10. I downloaded Sonic Forces because it's currently free for PS Plus subscribers. I am a die hard Sonic fan and had planned on eventually buying this but, man oh man...so far I am not liking it much. I'm only at the 3rd stage and I do not like how the game feels. The gameplay feels clunky even as Classic Sonic. Generations felt so much better in that regard. I do not like the avatar character. I hope to get some enjoyment out of this the more I play it but, for right now I have to say that I'm glad I got the game for free.
  11. They shutdown bars and liquor stores in my hometown as well. I currently work at a major supermarket chain (not Walmart) that has remained open but, with slight adjusted hours. I work there overnight when the store is closed so, I don't have to deal with customers anyway. This whole situation still sucks though.
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