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  1. Zack Snyder's Justice League Simply amazing.
  2. DMX- Party Up (Up In Here) R.I.P to one of my biggest musical influences .
  3. Finger Eleven- Slow Chemical (again because congrats to Kane, about damn time.)
  4. Sonic GT (Unofficial fan game from S.A.G.E) on my new Dell Ryzen 7 desktop. It's running it great enough but, its definitely not 60fps. Im not complaining, I was in dire need for a new PC anyway and Im currently downloading Bayonetta 1 from Steam. A series I've let slip right over my head. The controls for this Sonic fan game feel much more fluid than the mistake that was Sonic Forces. In forces, I felt like I was controlling a very fast unstable car with limited controls oh, and could jump too. The shitty story didn't help Forces either. Sonic GT's gameplay feels greatly crafted to match both SA2 and Sonic Generions's style, only reason I brought up Generations is because it has the "Stomp". I guess that ties back to Unleashed but, I wasnt really (scratch that I hated Unleashed). Theres no boost just like the old Adventure games. Imho,, they never should've added the boost feature to Sonic games. It damn near removes the platforming and actual challenge.
  5. 2nd trailer for April's MK movie. Should I keep putting these in this topic? The only reason I started to is because ThreeG did as well. Also Warner Bros has owned MK for almost a decade now and technically it is apart of the DC universe thanks to that same reason.
  6. Other than that, enjoyable episode overall.
  7. Free Dominguez- Map and a Light
  8. Yea episode 18 was quite boring, imo.
  9. GTAV Online. I've been away from it so long that I didn't even realize that I had over 7 million in the bank. Now what to buy.....hmmm
  10. This looks pretty interesting, the last and only Hot Wheels game I ever played was Velocity X, a friend of mine had it on his PS2 years ago. I remember us both playing the hell out of it.
  11. The Dillinger Escape Plan- Parasitic Twins
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