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  1. I came home from work to a nice treat today. Spiderman PS4 was in my mailbox. I know I'm gonna enjoy this.
  2. For the GotY Edition? On PS4 it says it's like $40 now. I guess I missed out on a recent sale. Eh, doesn't matter since I just bought an ebay copy earlier, so I ended up getting a decent deal for that edition anyway. I've been strictly buying games either from the console or ebay for the past few years now because I refuse to ever set foot in a Gamestop ever again.
  3. I just bought a copy of this on ebay for $26. Since I recently finished RE2 Remake (which was fking awesome!!!), it was time to grab another game I've missed out on. I'm probably gonna grab RE3 Remake after I finish Spider-Man.
  4. I just bought Resident Evil 2 Remake Deluxe Edition from the PS Mega March sale and am downloading it now. I wasn't able to afford this when it came out and I'm glad I was able to get it during this sale. I recently played through and enjoyed the RE3 demo and will be certainly be grabbing the full game of that next month too but, I figured I may as well run through this one first. I've been on a Resident Evil kick for the past few years now and have been playing through all of the games. I was actually never into the RE games until just a few years ago and I don't know why I've been missing out.
  5. I'm not too concerned about the continuation of the Super anime being made because they've still been releasing the manga chapters on a monthly basis and I've been enjoying them so far. The latest chapter was released last week.
  6. Where? In the hub world? I would recommend watching someone else's playthrough of Generations on youtube or something. I gave my nephew my copy years ago. I honestly didn't know it was possible to get stuck anywhere in that game.
  7. I downloaded Sonic Forces because it's currently free for PS Plus subscribers. I am a die hard Sonic fan and had planned on eventually buying this but, man oh man...so far I am not liking it much. I'm only at the 3rd stage and I do not like how the game feels. The gameplay feels clunky even as Classic Sonic. Generations felt so much better in that regard. I do not like the avatar character. I hope to get some enjoyment out of this the more I play it but, for right now I have to say that I'm glad I got the game for free.
  8. They shutdown bars and liquor stores in my hometown as well. I currently work at a major supermarket chain (not Walmart) that has remained open but, with slight adjusted hours. I work there overnight when the store is closed so, I don't have to deal with customers anyway. This whole situation still sucks though.
  9. Wow, I wasn't expecting this. I love it, it's nice to see this site finally looking different after over a decade.
  10. Here's some of the latest gameplay footage featuring Nemesis and that underground "Alaskan Bull Worm" looking thing. There's a demo coming soon but, a release date for it hasn't been given yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqV_71loPcw
  11. I don't have Twitter but, I can already imagine the shit show it's about to become because of the Bellas.
  12. Tbh, DBZA has been dead to me for a long time now. Their running gags are overused and have lost their novelty and it just hasn't been very funny to me since Namek. Maybe now I can finally start going to Dragonball related videos on Youtube and not seeing almost every single person in the comment section mentioning one of TFS's overused gags. I don't even like their recent movies, I hated the Broly one and it's hard for me to dislike or hate something Broly related.
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