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  1. I haven't used Rain in any of the 3D games, I did enjoy him in the 2D ones so I'll probably be using him a bit. That fatality was nice!
  2. ^That looks pretty interesting. I thought it was movie about a Marvel or DCU character that I was unaware of until I googled it. Apparently it's based on a 2017 comic, I'll be checking this out for sure.
  3. Even though I despise the Patriots, I'm sorry to hear that Cam Newton has Covid, same for the other teams with Covid cases.
  4. Finally, now the Mileena and Rain fans who go to every single reveal trailer can finally shut up. I was hoping for Havik though but, whatever.
  5. With all of these recent game remakes, I'd love to see GTA 1, 2, and London get remade. I still haven't played any of those PS1 GTAs, my first GTA game was GTA 3.
  6. I think that it should've been Crash Bandicoot, no offense to those who play Minecraft.
  7. I'll stick with my PS4 copy. I don't see why the felt the need to do that. Who even had a problem with his original face anyway?
  8. I will be using my alternative methods to watch this series because I refuse to use Netflix. As someone who enjoyed the 3 CGI movies they made, I know I'm going to enjoy this too.
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