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  1. Mudvayne- Skrying This song and band kept me from depression during my pitiful teenage. And of course rap & several other bands.
  2. More details and screenshots for the upcoming MK movie. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.joblo.com/movie-news/mortal-kombat-first-look-revealed-at-r-rated-reboot/amp
  3. You were supposed to ask a question to the next poster. You broke the game.
  4. Dillenger Escape Plan- Milk Lizard
  5. B.O.B ft Hayley Williams's cute ass- Airplanes
  6. Were you at 1 for that band? Vader- Dark Age (Original Version)
  7. 21 Savage, Offset, Metro Boomin ft Ric Flair- Ric Flair Drip
  8. ^That was the song that really made me get into CAW making, I had DoR and Gamecube but, I didn't end up playing SVR for a while after. Good shit brining up classics. Dillenger Escape Plan- Unretrofied
  9. Dillinger Escape Plan- Unretrofied
  10. I'm playing Dragonball Legends (mboile game) and I'm extremely pissed. With a recent update, they complete removed Vic Mignogna from the game as Broly. They're probably gonna do that to FighterZ and Xenoverse 2 as well if they haven't already. I don't have an issue with Johnny, his replacement but, they could've at least left Vic in as the voice of DBZ Broly.
  11. I've always avoided this topic, I'm not even sure why.
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