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  1. Idea to expand opponent positioning for Finisher Wake Up Taunts: They keep upping the level of teeth customization, which is awesome and plays right into the sort of joshi niche I've been working with. That feature where all the teeth are numbered and you can remove teeth as you please. Well, I was wondering if one could use that system to change the style/shape/type of every tooth. Joshis have some interesting dentistry...would be cool to even be able to adjust the place of certain teeth in a Skew sort a way. If I wanna give someone a specific kind of crooked teeth, I could then do so. The teeth of Mayu Iwatani spring to mind, or Mio Momono, or Mike Tyson back in the day with the famous gap...even Io Shirai once had one of her front teeth crookedly protruding over the other a bit. Especially in the case of joshis, you go to customize their teeth, you see their smile, and it's just off. I want to be able to perfectly recreate someone's teeth. Every chipped one, or rotted one, or fang, or snaggletooth, every protruding or reverse bite, every sharp tooth, maybe one front tooth is normal size and the other is longer, things like that. You get idea... I saw the comment about "waiting 'til we turn blue" in respects to free DLC, but if we can find another thing or two to charge a little coin for, I think a yearly Merry Christmas DLC on the 25th would be nice. They have to put out the video rollout where they hype up moves that are gonna be in and show the moves done in gameplay and all that jazz. Wouldve been a nice thing to get quick and suddenly like that, but Ive been thinking that people were jumping the gun ever since someone said the 11th. Hey, they have another week...who are we to tell them they cant even get crazy and throw something else in there? I mean we pretty much already downloaded the Pack, but yknow...lol Maybe, just maybe they will release it a few days before Christmas. That way they can go on Twitter and say "here's an early Christmas present from all of us at 2k!" or something similar to that. That works too. I mean we already know most of what all is in it.....gotta be getting it sooner or later. Lol I wish they had some kind of surprise on deck every year for Christmas. Like something nobody would expect or have any way of finding out but everyone would pop for every year for Christmas, to get everyone talking and excited. Like the New Moves Pack is wonderful, but Christmas is that next big surge in people owning and playing the game and I just feel like....something special should get released between New Moves and the January batch of DLC. Too bad it cant be Hogan. People would complain endlessly if it were Ciampa because he wasnt in to begin with. Lol. Or even just adding the new venues to Create An Arena.. Speaking on the "other little thing or two to charge some coin for", I was thinking. People like the soundtrack songs...people love 2k19's soundtrack. We used to be able to just use soundtrack music as entrance music in games, but haven't been able to, in recent years, for whatever reason. What if you charged .99 so that we could? Then, if they're given to caws and people wanna download them, they've gotta pony up a buck, too. lol. And there's a couple more bucks you wouldn't have had otherwise, for something already in the game just being made accessible somewhere else in the game. Women's MyCareer. This is gonna be big. Everyone's going to want to play it. Everyone thought 2K19 was gonna be the year, but then again, nobody who wasn't in-the-know could've possibly seen this game coming. lol. But alas, we're talking about the next game and that's what people want. So what do I want? Going on the style of the current Story mode, I'd like our female MyPlayer to do a shot or two in Japan for a joshi promotion. I would like Meiko Satomura in the game to be the "final boss" champion for this joshi promotion. I want it to be a sort of thing where you come in and end up facing Meiko Satomura for her title at this promotion's big event. A special touch would be if they could somehow get WWE's Japanese commentators to do voiceover work just for this match. The most ambitious part of this whole idea is that my favorite smaller venue is KBS Hall in Kyoto. The in-game camera angle would lend itself perfectly to this....there's the ring, a few rows of people, and that huge, beautiful stained glass in the back. That's my wish. Female MyPlayer goes to Japan and faces Meiko Satomura for a title at KBS Hall. MyPlayer girl loses, but then meets her again in the semifinals of the Mae Young Classic and finally overcomes Meiko (automatic Legend difficulty) to get to Toni Storm in the finals. I had this idea in mind of my female MyPlayer and female Cole Quinn actually being friends in their homebase indy promotion, you win indy tag titles and stuff and support eachother as you both pay your dues, but then she's involved in a car crash, just as both of them are about take part in the Mae Young Classic. Your whole journey then becomes just as much about her as yourself, and you take us, the players/viewers, on this really emotional journey. It's a mode that a lot of females are gonna excitedly play, so you gotta hit everyone with a massive case of the feels somewhere in the story, if ya can. The girl recovers eventually after a year or so, meets you in NXT or WWE or wherever you are, and attacks you. It's revealed she's harbored this intense hate and jealousy towards all the success you had and she didn't and boom, you get to hate this bitch for a little while. lol Just an idea of where to go, I dunno...do with that what you will... Alright, let's talk Ronda Rousey. Everything about her 2K19 model is great, for what it was, and when it was. We didn't exactly know how she would look or how would she move or behave or her mannerisms as a WWE superstar, Now we do. I think a star of Ronda's magnitude calls for a new model. Not only that, but she has several different looks she can bust out on any given PPV or another. I think she should have a main wrestling, but then also an alternate attire or two....one preferably with facepaint. I mean, it's Ronda Rousey...just her alone being in the game is gonna move units, and so, when people go to play with her, I want her to have the works...I want them to really feel like they nailed everything about her in WWE. So, this means she's gonna need a new entrance and the Ronda Rousey 1 taunt should be redone to include more head-shaking and such theatrics, like she has always done on WWE television. I personally feel it's time for a new AJ Styles model. I think the current one just doesn't look as great as it can, and it's time to graduate from what seems to me to essentially be his game debut model with hair and attire updates. Hopefully this is the year Chyna makes the Hall of Fame. She played such an important role for women in WWE that is rarely talked about. I'd love her to be in the game. Speaking of legends who should be in every game, I hope for the return of Bruno Sammartino on-disc and Hulk Hogan/Hollywood Hogan making a return in some way. Rey Mysterio Showcase, some career highlight matches from WCW to now.. War Games: NXT version for 3v3 or 4v4 The thought of somehow getting War Games had me thinking they could even take a little longer if need be, and put out something like a New Match Types Showcase DLC and charge upwards of 14.99 to 24.99 for it. As it is Showcase DLC and you're charging that much, alternate attires from the events in question would also come with this. NXT double-ring War Games would be the big seller. Then, how about the return of the famous Undertaker v Kane inferno match. Randy v Jinder Punjabi Prison match would probably be way cooler in a game than on television. Just those 3 would probably be great in itself, but 4 would be less controversial probably...lol...a sort of rejiggered King Of The Road match with more weapons would be tremendous..LOL...I dunno...realistically maybe add another accessible area or two for Backstage Brawls. thumbtacks in Extreme Rules matches ability to expose the boards under the ring ala Gargano v Ciampa street fight. Maybe make it exclusive to No Holds Barred match type. Should be able to select Fans Bring The Weapons again via Custom Match creation, just for all the fun things you could throw into that. New Abilites should be added, because we can choose every single one and still have spaces left over MORE STRONG STRIKES. It's the main category where players often find themselves wrestling between about 6 to 8 animations they really like for a wrestler, and then just sticking with the 5 they like best, which is still kind of stressful. Let's put that move modifier to use...that "R1". R1 plus Strong Strike and directional buttons can give me 5 more Strong Strikes to assign someone, which would be heaven! New SKILL that allows you to hold a move after Rope Break to a referee five count. A thing I selfishly want to make my females as short as 4'10". I understand it would problematic with rope mechanics and all that and, hell, 5'1" is already pushing it a bit. But hey, the heart wants what it wants..lol...how tall is Kacy Catanzaro again? Japanese streamers have been on my list for years now. I always thought of it in a Ring Pyro sort of way, but I do know the complications of it..some of them, anyway. They way they'd interact with the model(s), the setting, the ring ropes, staying on the ground wherever they fall, etc, it's a trick thing. But man, it would just be so cool...especially if we could choose colors somehow. Community Creations 'overhaul' of sorts, where it becomes an online site-based system rather than another mode in our game, exclusive to our console. Establish a Community Creations site via wwe.2k, have us create usernames and passwords, profiles and such (think Rockstar Social Club), and we log into that through the game, and upload/download content as we please, from the many talented users of PC/PS4/XB1. Essentially, take the exact same Community Creations we have, but make it into a website that allows us all to share content somehow, because the divide between the community is getting to be too much for everyone. Everything takes so much time nowadays and you want everyone to enjoy it. Unlock trainer Sara Amato as a playable wrestler when you get called up from NXT Idea for a creative new Carry position: ^The main thing I fantasized about with this would be to transition a Single Leg Takedown into the O'Reilly mounted palm strikes, or hit the grapple button and go into a leg drop or armbar or what have you.. Literally occurred to me today that the Asuka rope hip attack spot would make for a good Rumble finisher! Lord knows we could as many new ones as we could get.. the baby of an idea for tornado tag finishers: Ive been thinking this for so long. Its so.....flat and unrewarding the way it is now. I think the Shatter Machine is what really opened everyones eyes. Thats supposed to be able to just come out of nowhere. Or maybe rig it so that theres a different Finisher category altogether for tornado tags. Like if I and my partner have a finisher, theres a button I can press to change it from the Finisher icon to a tag Finisher icon that my partner can also see. If he switches to his tag Finisher icon and we both hit it at the same time, it goes into a tag Finisher. No front facelock...like newly mocapped animations you just go straight into. A whole new bunch of moves can be mocapped or re-mocapped for that, so there might even be catching Finisher functionality that we both have to hit Finisher at the same time to get. The only tricky part would be your opponents partner interrupting. The current Finisher setup is fine IMO for normal tag matches (theres almost too many great moves for me to wanna ever look back) but it needs to be evolved so that...for example....the Doomsday Device...I should be able to set it up so that specifically Animal is hoisting the victim on his shoulders and specifically Hawk is doing the Clothesline. So...even when I initiate the Finisher as Hawk, he will still punch the opponent into the corner or something and go up to the top as Animal gets in the ring and hoists the opponent on his shoulders. Stuff like that. Im not sure how to make normal tag match finishers more exciting. In a faction, would be nice if none of the finishers were one in the same between partners if you didnt want them to be. For example, lets say I am editing Liv Morgans moveset and assign the 3D as her tag Finisher with Sarah Logan. Well, I should be able to go into Sarah Logans moveset and assign something completely different as a Finisher when she tags Liv Morgan. But thats just me shooting out random thoughts about little touches I think the tag/faction Finisher systems need. I think this concludes a lot of key things I've thought of for the next release...it's damn sure enough from me for awhile, if anything....lol Wow, you put WAY more thought into it than I ever did, and I am the one who started this topic lol. Good stuff
  2. Another thing that popped into my head is the ability to create a custom entrance and have that as the entrance as a champion. Meaning, in my universe I gave everyone who has pyro, their pyro back, but when they are champions it defaults back to the non-pyro entrance. The other would be the ability to customize lighting etc for stables or tag teams. If I wanted to create a stable that had undertaker like lighting, then I should be able to choose that. Right now it's just default lighting for whatever default entrance you choose.
  3. Yeah i know, I am just saying. I play on PC so it's not as big of an issue anymore, but last time I tried spotify on my ps4, it would just play overtop of the game, it's not realistic but doable. Again, playing on PC with mods, I created Mixed Tag Team Titles and do this.
  4. I'd be fine with packs or individual wrestlers being sold on a store. Similar to Fortnite with skins, having new wrestlers be added monthly, or whatever I'd be fine with, IF the pricing made sense. This way you can buy what you want but have deals for those who want everything. Not many people are ok with that idea, which is fine, I am just saying I would be if it went that route, again depending on the price though.
  5. I didn't see this anywhere on here, but saw a few elsewhere. I just wanted to throw out a few ideas that came to mind before I forgot while I played over the holidays. These are just things I noticed and thought of. It doesn't mean they are feasible. Camera Angles - I would love to be able to choose the camera angle for the shows. Meaning if I wanted a higher camera angle, or up close like an Indy Show. Or even change the angle completely like what RoH does so you can see the entrance way behind the ring. Custom/Old Themes - I'd love for them to be able to add custom themes again. On PS4 It could be integrated with Spotify. I use PC So this is an option on there anyways. GM Mode - Same as every year. I get very easily distracted playing universe mode and just customize when I want, how I want and can never truly just play. I spend more time changing things than playing. I'd like to see a GM Mode, where you have to choose a brand, with a budget and manager the entire show and compete vs others online or CPU run brands for ratings, superstars etc. Bi-Annually - A new game every year is too much, I think bi-annually games with DLC throughout the year, whether paid or free would be a nice way to keep things fresh. WCW Thunder Arena - Just a personal fav I'd like to see in game and be able to do a full on WCW Universe. Championships - Not a big deal, but I noticed that the ECW TV Title and WWE Light Heavyweight Titles were removed this year. Call Letters for Championships/Brands - I'd like to be able to create a championship and choose call letters for it, or for the brand. All you need to do is have Jojo etc record each letter and then we can choose the letters, TNA or NWA etc so they actually say it. Not just choosing from the default list. Match Types - More match types, like Inferno, 3 Stages of Hell to name a few. These are just a few things I wanted to throw out there while it was fresh on my mind. First day back to work after the holidays and it's slow, so now was the perfect time to do this.
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