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  1. If Allardyce and the players that were signed in January had been at the club since the beginning of the season, then yes, I think the team would've stayed up. I hope he stays for next season, I don't think there's anyone the club could possibly get to replace him who would give a better chance of getting the team back in the Premier League.
  2. I hope either Oxford or Lincoln go up, give me a new ground to go to next season.
  3. I would think it's unlikely that he's going to NXT prime, so either he's being repackaged or he's being released.
  4. More confident about Bolton winning promotion than you were a couple of weeks ago then, Muur?
  5. Vince was [reportedly] high on a number of people, including at least one person who was released last Thursday. I would definitely prefer a TMDK reunion over putting Thorne with Murphy simply because they're both Aussies. Hasn't Vink got a new ring name now though-- Tony Modra, I think?
  6. Definitely two nights, partly because it's not so much of a slog to sit through, partly because it means I don't have to try to stay awake for quite so long.
  7. He has no interest in relocating from Germany to the US, so unless he is going to make a lengthy commute each week, there is no prospect of him being a regular on Raw or Smackdown, or even NXT prime, any time soon.
  8. WWE finally using the award in the way that Warrior wanted it to be used then, to honour their off-screen employees.
  9. Are you ruling out the possibility of Bolton winning promotion then?
  10. This afternoon's match was probably the first Albion match this season that I wish I could've been at.
  11. Hanson is the one that got injured, back in September. Ray Rowe worked a few singles matches in the weeks that followed, the last of which was in November, since when he has been off TV [as far as I'm aware]; I guess WWE are just allowing him to spend time at home with his wife and their baby, until Hanson is ready to return.
  12. While you may not have enjoyed that result, I did, especially as it lifted Northampton out of the relegation zone.
  13. No. Last year they had Super ShowDown instead of Fast Lane, although that was in February, with Elimination Chamber then taking place in March.
  14. At the time, it was reported that he was expected to be out for about eight weeks-- it has now been two and a half months, so either he's due back any time now, or his recovery is taking longer than initially expected.
  15. I can't see how they would be counting Millie, as she'll be at the NXT UK Performance Centre, not NXT prime. Knowing WWE, they probably just think their fans can't count, or that they can get away with exaggerating numbers, as they have done so many times with attendance figures.
  16. Pleased to see Dani Luna get her first (I think) win in NXT UK. Also good to see her wrestle Aleah James again-- the two of them had a match on the last show I attended before the UK went into its first lockdown, last March; they've gone from wrestling each other in an abandoned bingo hall, to sharing a ring together in WWE.
  17. Yeah, I hope so. I was at the ATTACK! show two years ago where he announced his retirement, and it seemed like he had accepted that his in ring days were over, but he's still only in his early twenties, so hopefully now he'll be able to continue to wrestle for years to come. It'll be a bit weird seeing him without Chris Brookes though.
  18. Tegan is bisexual. Not Marijuana Smoking Kids then?
  19. I've just seen that Bristol Rovers sacked their manager following that loss.
  20. I know this is a bit of an aside from the point you were making, but I would be surprised if there is a Wrestlemania Takeover this year-- NXT on Wednesday, Smackdown on Friday, Wrestlemania on Saturday and Sunday, followed by Raw on Monday... unless they have Takeover on the Thursday, I don't see where they can fit it in.
  21. Like I've seen someone else post in another thread, Drew vs. Sheamus one-on-one will probably happen at Fast Lane. In recent years, they've tended to have two chamber matches, one for the men and one for the women, so my guess is that there'll be a chamber match for the Smackdown women's title as well.
  22. Indus Sher seem to have been punished for one of them spoiling the result of the Adam Cole vs. Keith Lee, title vs. title match-- I don't think they've appeared on NXT since that happened.
  23. Besides that, the only other one I can think of is the main event of Fatal 4-Way, the second ever Takeover (I think), all the way back in 2014, where Pac defended the title against Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze, and Sami Zayn.
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