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  1. Hate is a bit strong, don't you think? Anyway, I'm pleased Wednesday won, even if they did make hard work of it, both in the semis and the final. Pleased Luton won on Saturday as well.
  2. I hope Wednesday win for Darren Moore.
  3. So much for the second leg not meaning much, that Hillsborough crowd certainly gave Wednesday an advantage last night. South Yorkshire derby incoming in the final. I renewed my season ticket at lunchtime, after not having this past season for the first time in over two decades, even managed to get my old seat.
  4. Most likely the latter, probably won't be the only titles not defended on the show.
  5. I know about it because of a book called My Favourite Year. The book is about thirty years old now, but it's a collection of football writing from various authors, giving accounts of their favourite season following their respective clubs, and one of them is about an Oxford season under Maxwell and the money troubles that they had at the time.
  6. I know about the Didcot triangle, and I know about all the stuff with Robert Maxwell, even though I'm not quite old enough to remember it.
  7. I knew it must have been a long time since they last played each other, given that Reading have been in the Championship/Premier League since 2002, and Oxford have been in League One or lower throughout that time. Who do you see as Oxford's main rivals? I've always thought it was Reading, but I read somewhere recently that most Oxford fans see Swindon as the main rivalry.
  8. If you don't see how being at home in the second leg, when the tie could potentially go to extra time and penalties, then I don't know what to tell you. @Oufcad32 Looking forward to playing Reading next season?
  9. Wasn't she just on a legends contract? Probably simply that coming to an end.
  10. The way SRS was talking on Friday on the Fightful post-Smackdown podcast gave the impression he has heard that WWE are going to rename the titles so that they are no longer brand specific.
  11. Hey, Albion could still reach the playoffs themselves, although they need to win at Swansea next Monday and for two other results to go their way. Also, you're wrong about the playoffs, it's always 6th vs 3rd & 5th vs 4th in the first legs of the semi-finals, then 3rd vs 6th & 4th vs 5th in the second legs, giving the teams that finished 3rd & 4th the advantage of playing at home in the second legs.
  12. Nothing wrong with being in the play-off places on goal difference only.
  13. At least it was only a one goal lead that your team threw away, not a two goal lead.
  14. You wouldn't go to the playoff final either then, if Bolton were to reach it?
  15. In hindsight, are you disappointed at all that you didn't go yesterday? If Bolton were to reach the playoff final, then would you go?
  16. Unless I'm mistaken, I think you're probably thinking of Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny.
  17. Never mind, I've now seen that Liam Manning has been given the job.
  18. I've seen that Michael Appleton is the favourite for the Oxford job - would you want him back?
  19. Looks like you got what you wished for.
  20. I no longer have a season ticket for my team, so I'm not going to call you anything. Besides, the reason you gave is perfectly valid.
  21. Different regime now, different way of doing things.
  22. Will you be going to the final? I can't remember whether you went to the cup semi-final 12 years ago, the last time Bolton were at Wembley.
  23. Are you looking forward to watching your team play at The Toughsheet Stadium next season?
  24. PLEs have been starting at that time for a while now, for at least a year, I think.
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